​iann dior


Lyrics from Snippet


She tryna pull all my strings (Strings)
Shawty got cut from the team (Oh no)
Get in the [?] in the scene
Shawty got full on a bean (Bean)
I tryna make you my queen
Birkins and diamonds - the treat
Girl, are they laughing at me
You were the one on the street

I thought you'd never let me go
You switched on me, I lost control
I hope I see you on the road
So you can see how far I go

Some [?] in the water (Drip)
My b*tch call me Poppa (Yeah)
Count the money up like [?] (Yeah)
If he die young, we modest (Woah)
You was a ratchet, ho'
Would you want designer clothes?

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