​iann dior


Woah, oh, oh-oh

Nights filled with rum and Coke, I'm a sinner in the flesh
Make decisions that are dumb, but it's f*ck it now
Do what I want (Yeah), spend it how I like (Like)
Always get it back, n*gga, I'ma live my life

I get lost in paradise
See me getting high, yeah, yeah
b*tch, I'm flyer than a kite

Making sure that I'ma get it right
They see me taking flight, go
And now I'm rocking all this ice, gold

I don't need to front, got a milli' in the bank (Yeah)
Soaking up the sun, I'm a number one rank, yeah yeah (Woah)
Yeah, summertime, woah
Good vibes, never tired, I'ma keep my shine
Shawty so divine, wanna make her mine
But she a trick, plotting on me 'cause I'm rich ('Cause I'm rich)
Take your flick, all this money on me stick (Uh)
Gave her di*k (Uh), now she walking 'round with a limp
All this money on me, let it fall, it's mine (Mine)
Here to have the time of my life, but it takes time
Hundred thousand, hit the bank, yeah, I'ma stack it right
I hear these n*ggas talking, pull up we can have a fight
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