"400 Degrees"

[Intro: Caskey]
Always, always yeah you know
[Chorus: Caskey]
Always keep the sh*t deep while I’ll be damaging at these
You know I’m rappin’ doesn’t workout imma go back to the piece
I’ll be finessin' finessin' finessin' dyin' by do on we ease
Counting all this money in cash I got it four hundred degrees
Got it four hundred I’m on a race to the money
We waitin he to surprice cause I[?]
I’m on a race for the money I’m on a race for the money
[Verse 1: Caskey]
Glad you know I can’t slow down
b*tch you got three seconds when I try the fool pounds
Pull up in the ghost right till your hometown to a f*ckin ghost town
Comin’ show is a b*tch in a b*tchy sl*t cause you know she go wow
Never did go-pro but I’m still ballin ain’t know it’s a prophane
I’m from the old town when up a hoe it don’t mean no sense
I smoke the whole pound…

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