Beatbox (Remix) lyrics



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I ain't heard of them
I can tell it's all gimmicks, if it wasn't that, homie, I'd murder them
On the skreet blocks, shooters up in treetops
That pus*y beatbox, bought her some new Reeboks
All my money legit but I'm still nervous when I see cops
New Rolex for all them times that I was on police watch
Got this [?] I can't tell the price
Y'all some walkin' gimmicks, I can't do songs with Vanilla Ice
Keep it to myself so I just think it, I don't tell advice
And that jewelry fake as f*ck, you broke and can't even sell the ice
Get that deposit back, y'all won't hear a word from me
But I still gеt you hollered at, hate thе way these rappers don't be sayin' sh*t
But I'm proud to rap, I see where y'all cowards at
Went through my lil twisted fantasy then got my power back
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