Lyrics From Snippet

Ayy, Fitz, this is crazy
It's a holiday up in this b*tch, woop-woop-woop

Some real, they make the perfect alignments, blinding
Finding the reasons, my feelings dying, why me?
Feeling these feelings alone when I get home
I'm getting higher than the moon, I'm too gone

[Verse 1]
I feel I'm running out of luck, feel I'm runnin' out of love
Now all I really got is drugs, I'm here to stay, no
Been training for her heart too much
Or do I have too much to give you
Went from not having sh*t to billing checks
I went from dreaming big to living large
'Cause when I'm dreaming it replace my scars
It feel like I'll never be hurt much more
You broke my heart but now I feel too sore
When she said to me to hit the door
I gave you everything, you want more, what for?
When you're not showing no type of trust
Not showing no type of love
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