Wild Wes

"Sam’s Diss 2"

[Verse 1]
First of all you said I made a whole album dissin' you. You be lyin'
If you gonna make a track back don't bother tryin'
You just think you can diss me and then say you won
Man! This low down doesn't know that I ain't done
You said I dissed you for the fame and the views
You also said in a battle i'm the one that's gonna lose
Well, bring it on, Sam. I ain't scared of you
I dissed a little boy. What you gonna do?
I ain't bout to bow down to a little punk
Rap is like a battlefield. Sam's ship just sunk
Just like my homie Smardy said you think hatin' is just fine
You diss me and Smardy and you'd think all I do is whine
DIssing me ain't so cool, haven't you read the signs
I dissed you twice, I'll do it another time
I hate to hate on you again but I believe it's appropriate
If you can't handle this I guess you better cope with it
This boy from Switzerland would never say **** in real life
By the way you cuss too much, get a real life

[Verse 2]
You may think i'm bein' serious but I lied
You want me to diss him again but my hands are tied
Sam this song is a joke. Don't take it serious
For real these rappers can't get with us
People loved the original but I don't
Your boat sinks but my boat does float
Imma get outta here. It was fun
Now i'm done

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