In the city all dripped out
And i ain't even bring the wrist out
I ain't even bring the kicks out
His b*tch told me pull my bit out
Hit it raw and then i pulled out
Push to start then i pulled out
Hear the imesage and i ghost out
Bentley boring so I brought the ghost out
Waiting on me at events now
They like he ain't comin but i came out
They already ready for the fame now
Baraka how she bust the brain out
Girl i'm tired i just wanna lay down
Lemme tell em this sh*t like

Im at where u wanna go
And i know it make u hate me and that tell me bout ur soul
You won't make it cause u hoe
Whats the point in making friends if you dont wanna see em grow
And i was down bad on my own
Without jabari theres no way i couldve done this on my own
I put all of my spirit in this i had to grow another soul
If i'm not really living whats the point in growing old
I seen 6 on top my city and it put the devil in my flow
I put denim on my denim and i step inside the snow
We still out at the club t'd up in 42 below
This just how it works when you get closer to the pole

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