"I dont feel right"

I love you Mochila

[Verse 1: vito bianco & sewerperson]
I can feel the gas in my lungs
I've been on for a month, but there's still no sun
Tryna run from my K, but there's still no light
Face down on the f*cking ground, I don't feel right
I been on go, like a green light
When I'm off the pack, I tend to lose sight (Lose sight)
And I still got some crushes from the other night
The way you look at me and say "I love you" doesn't feel right
Wake up in the morning, 'boutta catch a flight
I'm on two blues, it's a scary sight
I been working hard to keep my mind right
That's why I blow a half a zip of [?] every other night
Oh, I'll hear it when they speak
I got ice in my veins and my heart don't beat
I got bags under my eyes 'cause I still don't sleep
I was 3 months straight on the soles of my feet
I always try to make you happy, but I don't know what you need
I would change a lot of things, but I don't know what they mean
Demon faces painted on the pocket of my jeans
I just look up at the stars for a place for me to be
(Uh, yeah)
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