"Star signs"

I want you to kick me, punch me
What I'm 'spose do to make you love me?
I can't blame you
I wouldn't love me neither, yeah
And I'm way too fussy
I could barely walk out the house with the sh*t I put on this morning
5AM, she's still snoring

White eyes, I hope you wake up from this cold night
You're looking green, I hope you're alright
Don't die
She cannot love a long time
Maybe it's in your star sign
You decide

Cross eyed, I wanna help you but I don't know how
I wanna hold you, you said "not right now"
I say "I love you" and you shut me down
I can't tell you why I still reach out
Yeah, do you believe that I mean it though?
Said you're bat sh*t crazy, I don't mean it though, oh
To this meeting, I propose a toast
To neglecting those that we might need the most
And I'm sorry for drowning out what I need to hear
I can't picture what I looked like yesterday
Let alone what I look like last year, I feel horrible
I suppose it all settles down
Vital signs back to normal ground
Cigarettes in this wet crowd
Late night at the lost and found
I can bike back in streetlights
I could stay as long as you like
Curled up in the back room
I won't fold, we can tell them lies
Go to sleep, baby I swear I'll be beside you
You can trust everything stay between us two
I believe we can make it through this monsoon
If you find yourself ensnared, just know I got you
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