Subterfuge (Motorsport), yeah
I just smoke my bogie and I flick it to the avenue
Oh, su-u-uh
Aye, yeah

Subterfuge, yeah
I just smoke my bogie and I flick it to the avenue, yeah
Girl you acting icky lately, tell me what is up with you, yeah
I am off an Addy, having trouble slowin' up for you
Please just give me time while I power up

And it's green in my crib, can you tell what's up
I don't know what I drank, I can't stop throwin' up
They wanna take my soul and try to pack me up
They wanna take my life and try to smoke it up
No, no, no, no, no
I can't let it happen, I'm the undеrdog
Off a Addy, feel like lunch, but it's 1 o'clock
I wanna get high, I don't wanna f*ck
Hold my heart, hold my hеad, she keep my spirits up
She been everywhere and I'll go anywhere
I stick my head up in the club for some warmer air, yeah
I can't even think in here, yeah
I upgrade my heavy with a bandoleer
I upgrade my cup and put one under there
Tom Ford camo blotches on my underwear
Off the molly, all these ticks gon' start to hurt my ears
This sh*t way too loud, don't try to talk in here
I'm on time all the time, never late, uh
Purple hearts, yellow hearts, all the same
I go hard, I'm on go, it's a race, uh
Oh, he brave? Slide through, I can't wait, uh
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