I Will Have U 1 Day N I Shall Keep U Safe, Regardless* lyrics



(Eric, look at me)

Forty minutes to her work
Five to seven-hour shift then it's off South, picking up drugs
Windin’ down on a Perc'
God, I hate to see you hurt, God, I hate to see you struggle
But soon enough, you'll be cured
Only I should play nurse
Bushes grow with the springtime, you should really get ’em trimmed
I need to make sure you're alright and the shrub block you from limbs, yeah
The clown you love now is cheatin' on you, but you ignore all the hints
I know I could be the perfect one but first I need to get rid of him
He's a hard one to track
Must be worried you would find out, but it's late night love affair
2 AM and he slips out the back
Now you all alone in the suburbs, that's dangerous when you bad
Luckily I stayed posted out in the Chevrolet Bolt EUV on the side street like a guard
Maybe I could keep you warm one day and what is mine could be ours
Oh my God, just imaginin' my future love is really not that hard
I could take him out silently while he's getting out of his car and leave his head on top of your porch
And I just know you’d be happier when finding love in my grey skin face
I don’t wanna get forceful, but I'll do what is required
You are all I desire and that’s got to count somewhere
So I made this song to say I make my checkmate on Monday
The pillowcase's light blue, the bedsheets are a light pink
12 AM she gon' take a drink, vodka, soda, or Bombay
f*ck whatever your man say
I know you don't wanna listen anyways
I can see you from a mile away
Literally ’bout a mile away
Literally 'bout five hundred metres away
You don't know but I know, love you
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