Lalaland* lyrics



[Verse 1]
Ink, I see people form opinions based on what other people think
You ain't gonna be happy when the next phase link
I'll just die off when the witch hunt shrink
I can't emulate you through your twenty close friends
I don't wanna be remembered 'less it's for my own trends
Do you say it 'cause you mean it or are you scared to go against?
I'ma judge you freely 'cause I'm not insulting you
'Cause you ain't even you with half the sh*t they make you do
sh*t they make you move
Quick to go adopt 'least half this sh*t thеy make you spew
This is from the hеart, you turn against your friends for that blue checkmark
I know you see the light but I assure you it is dark over there
You ain't gon' be happy over there, I pray that you like it over there
You trade individuality for temporary praise
Hope you know that lasts about like sixty-five days at the most

[Verse 2]
Don't cry, I'm by your side always
I'm fine, let's focus on you and your heartaches
Sometimes I just talk to myself, think to myself
Argue with myself, and I hate myself, and I love myself
Sometimes I get scared that I'ma hurt myself
Maim myself, kill myself
I give you everything inside and I just cry to myself
Hold myself, I might shut you out 'cause I don't want no help
'cause I don't need no help
'Cause I got myself and I got liver round welts
Maybe in my gut, feel like there's no way out
'Cause I don't want a way out
Twenty-two and I'm tired myself of myself, mm
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