Killme As Soon As U Can Thanku* lyrics



Sitting on top only for now
Sort through my blood, I'ma talk
I need a b*tch from the South, I need a trip to the walls
Swerve in the vault
Carry my spawn, top of the soil
I'm not a human, I bleed dirty oil
I got a prophecy I carry out
f*ck everyone, they don't get the about
I need a talkin' to, I need a teacher
I need a bible, I need a preacher
I need some water, count right deep there
I put some hair on my mouth as a metre
I drank this fluid, it taste like Keefer
Bottle my blood, bottle my semen
She gave me deities I could believe in
It do not matter, she is not breathin'
I had to wait so she channel my demon
I had to cook, this what I believe in
I know the work criticizin' my reason
I couldn't care, I blow out toxins that f*ck up the air
f*ck up the parties, I shouldn't be here
I got a problem with everyone here
Show me their dreams, are you prepared?
Are you prepared?
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