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[Lyrics from Snippet]

Meanwhile, back at the lab
Slaughterhouse has had their first defeat
The team is feeling down and out
But are they down for the count?
Slaugherhouse, unite!
Jahlil Beats, holla at me!

[Verse 1: Royce da 5'9"]
I pull up in that Audi R8 looking like i'm Tony Strark
Vehicle diagonal looking like it's just been thrown in a ?
There won't be no time to take pictures, there won't be no time to look
I'ma get out looking like I stepped out my comic book
I'm living my life like it's right out a comic book
[I want every right?] for what I got in my comic book
Seems like all that I had growing up was my comic books
When them slaughter boys get together, it turn to a comic book
Living by the sword, breathing by the gun, we see the night is young
I'm feeling like I'm Thor, looking like [?] as re reunite as one
And exactly the same way they do in the comic books
Nothing come between us, nothing come between us, reunite as one

There's a cry out in the lab, for Hip-Hop to be safe
And only one band can make this happen
This band of deviants are called Slaughterhouse
[Verse 2: KXNG Crooked]
[?] Chevy, that's my green Impala
Incredible Hulk sh*t
Haters got green as gama rays when they seen the dollas
That envious hoe sh*t
Squeez the llama like Deadshot, headshot, then I'ma leave the house
I'm seen as I flee with [?]
Keep the colors scheme green as I lean [in Guam?], they putting out an APB for King Tachalla
I'm in Wakanda, in my condo, manajing with Wanda and Ronda
Give them the anaconda
Then i'ma mob to the studio, and f*ck Pro Tools
I'm One-Punch man, similar to the Manga
Careful getting some pus*y, that's my mantra
Cause you don't even know you f*cking with a monster
The best shooter, GS3, that's the Lex Luther
Nobody would ride if they f*cking up my chakra
I'm the club with the...
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