Massacre (feat. snuffcide, vampgore & 1voltage23) lyrics



That pretty lil b*tch yuh she sittin on my lap
Baby im so high ya ma vision fully blurry hah
Bbe im flyin like an angel u can't tell me sh*t nah
Stop calling me bro u r a fckin faggot huh
Babe u say u need to feel let me in yuh
Yuh i cut ya limbs off, oh my b*tch she pretty yah
Yuh, i take anotha hit, out ma bong, im feeling lit
Ik dat she wants me and i wanna eat her out

Cutted myself over hoes, they ain't worth it huh
Shattred into pieces for my love, i can't give nun
Im countin my racks, with ma b*tch, she my dirty whore
Life is like a roller coaster, fag, imma drag u in ma transporter

I got ur b*tch in my vc, oh my god yea im tripping of the lsd
Her legs so skinny, yea she rlly wanna be w mе
Im not loyal, i will cheat while im on extacasy

I f*ck to many b*tchеs, yea bro i can't even breathe
Ima freak for all this pus*y, i will make a b*tch bleed
Ik u faggotrs ro so mad, bc i make ur girl cream
Im gonna eat her pus*y out, that bich fell straight on her knees

I got blood on my paper
Drag u to the woods b*tch im the slender
Gauging out ur eyes ye im saving them 4 later
I think dat u luv me cuz ur acting like a hater
Girl im da type to send u to ur funeral
I got red marks all over my burial
Even if ur dead i still think ur beautiful
I need a surgery take me to the hospital
Take me to the hospital putting flowers on ur body
Red marks all over me im covered in paparazzi
I be off a molly
Ur b*tch always thinkin abt me
I put a hole in her body
Idgaf dying at the party
All i care abt is my prada n my money
So u know thts true
Hold me tight dont let me screw
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