[Intro: IDK]

[Verse 1: Wale]
Go, defeat the odds, defeat the odds, that sh*t be hard
Got all the scars and trauma but he still got a pulse
He still got a voice, he work until it hurts
An angel told me, "Don't ever fall in love with results"
The grind heavy, my mind ready, I'm not trippin'
Look at my journey, it's not comfy like flyin' spirit
Nah, seriously, all these haters that I ain't heard yet
Really love me, but my success make 'em all delirious
DMV is everything, it's really my marathon
I really get praise for it, I put on like everyone
I'm lyin', not everyone, but I put on your fave
They love me, when they cold, they get hot, they might hate
Dubai in a week, Osaka today
You poppin' this week? (Huh) I got a decade
But Lauryn the greatest, I put my heart in the game
That's why these jokers think they winners, sorry, this isn't spades

[Chorus: Alex Vaughn]
'Cause I live for it, die for it
I'm willin' to fight for it and ride for it
You just gotta dive in it, your life in it, yeah, yeah
You gotta be in love with it, and fall for it
You can't put a piece in it, put all of it
You da MVP for it, and ball for it, yeah, yeah
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