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You say you worth it but, I'm saying, "Save it"
You say you one of a kind, b*tch, I'm saying basic
And, basically, the bass in your voice is starting to poison
Everything I bought in this purchase, how can I void it?
Do I annoy ya'?
You say you a blessing, I say I should be anointed
But, at least I learned a lesson
And that lesson is, you are everything
Everything that I should be avoiding
The finger that you're pointin' is pointing right back at ya'
You can't see the truth like it's blurry with the aperture
I never see your point but, my point is that I'm mad at ya'
'Cause you don't get no points, b*tch, you are not my manager
You're more like an amateur
The "ama-" doesn't stand for "amazing," ah
My answer left you shocked like AI with a tasing buzzer-beater
Clock was ticking, b*tch, you should've paid the meter
Say that you don't want it anymore, b*tch
I say me neither
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