Money painting lyrics



& nowadays my days been getting brighter
Still nowadays i’m still losing all my lighters
& nowadays it’s the same all the girls i never fight em
If that’s the energy
I drop that sh*t quick
Gym coach like push-ups on the drill sh*t
Smooth music still in love with all the trap sh*t
Good soul so i get good attractions
Runny nose use the shirt never napkins
Adidios to the people who on wack sh*t
Living life how i should guess i’m that kid
Gone give u trouble if u tryna attack him
& if u got some weed u know i’ll match it
Oh we living life great city skating by myself some days on the brighter days u know i ride that wave
I gotta couple lil girls who gone ride my wave im talking yung pinch 714ever i got the hat to back it so don’t read me backwards
I’m looking fresh when i’m stepping out in polo jackets lakai kit fresh i got the painting to back it sh*t shoutout ikillbill & shoutout all whose real & shoutout mamma & poppa for always cooking them meals i said shoutout momma & papa for always cooking the meals i said
That’s what i say
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