Magiiic Blunt Wiiit Da Blade iiin Hand lyrics



[Verse 1: 7Nightz]
Yeah I'm always in my zone, b*tches on my phone
I cannot f*ck with no snakes, tell that b*tch to leave me alone
b*tch I do this by myself, I don't got to sell my soul
I could never trust a hoe, I'll be in my zone
I'll be in my zone when I'm walking through the forest
You pull up to the village, I can never let you tour it
When I'm walking around that dungeon, you might catch me [?]
If you don't f*ck with the elves we gon' have to get that sorted
She said, "Oh my God, what we doing tonight Jordan?"
That pus*y so good that I might just kill for it
b*tch I pull up on that Pegasus, yeah I don't need a foreign
She said that she love me, but she don't even know my origin

[Verse 2: Kemet Dank]
Yeah b*tch, you ain't know sh*t about no licks
If you ain't come with it quick, you can't hit a lick
di*k's numb, talking about some, b*tch I need a top notch
You something like a splotch, you feel me though
Might need a little bit of Oxiclean or Tide to get her out of here
RIP Billy Mays, might have to wipe her out
Know what I'm talking about?

[Verse 3: Kemet Dank]
I told her she my b*tch, a n*gga could die about that pus*y
I just took a n*gga b*tch, he over there crying about that pus*y
n*gga acting like he hit, he over there lying about that pus*y
Oh, everything I said, was just over there lying for that pus*y
I think you're a lion king, show you how a lion sing
When I'm in the field when I get that boo wetter
Say it's about that motion in the ocean
But I got me a boat going all around the moat
You're telling me that she'll suck your di*k
Every time I see her I'm up in her throat
She just called me to go give a n*gga c notes
And I know that it came from you
My n*gga, that is not your b*tch, that is not your wife, that's just a hoe
Say you don't care about what she got going on
Yes, she's just a hoe, and we was filling that thing to the brim
And selling that [?]
[Outro: Kemet Dank]
Yeah man, I heard he really trying to get all the girls pregnant
You feel me like, yeah not his, but ours
Goddamn, we be trying to smash too
We trying to gawk gawk, double track, gawk gawk, 25k too
You feel me?
Don't try to put that up on a b*tch
Cause either way we still gon' pinch
You talking about man, hit him with a wrench
Splash, and she want to sash, you feel me?
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