"My FRIEND secretly told a guy I LIKED him"

I like the guy from our class, George. Well, I mean... when he passes by, I can't take my eyes off him. And when he looks at me, butterflies that are about the size of an elephant start fluttering in my stomach. I have never liked anyone in my life as much as I like George. Actually, many girls like him, because he is in a good shape. He also plays guitar and, in general, he is really handsome
Mmmm!!! He is so cool!
I downloaded his photo from Facebook, looked at it and imagined that we were together. In my dreams, we were watching movies together, going for a walk, laughing at some stupid things, and having fun in general. And the more I imagined him next to me, the more I fell in love with him
Once my friend Emily noticed his picture in my phone. And I had to confess that I really liked George and I would like to communicate with him not only at school
‘And what stops you from doing that?’ asked my friend who changed her boyfriends more often than the statuses on Facebook and advised me to invite him to the cinema
Inviting him to the cinema is the same thing as telling about my feelings to him! No way!
— A well-mannered girl never throws herself at the guy! But she responds to his courtesies if she likes him
If George is interested in me, he will take the first step
My friend was just laughing at me in response
— The times when girls were sitting in castles and waiting for the princes are long gone. You should take control over your relationships from the very beginning!
But I couldn’t even imagine that would express my feelings to George
After our conversation, my friend secretly wrote a note to George on my behalf. There was a declaration of love and an offer to go to the cinema together
Of course, I knew nothing about it! Can you imagine how surprised I was when George came up to me after the class, smiled, and said, “I’m waiting for you today at eight at the entertainment center.”
— What for?
— What do you mean ‘what for’? Let's go to the cinema
— Me? To the cinema? With you?!
— But you wrote it yourself...
— Who?! Me?!!
Now I understand that in his eyes, I looked like a complete idiot.But I really did not understand anything because I did not know that my friend had invited him to the cinema on my behalf and, what’s more, had told him that I liked him!
— You are weird, — said George, and put a crumpled note in my hand
Then everything became clear to me.Yes, humiliated, because I shared my most intimate feelings with a friend, and she used it! It hurt me. How could Emily do this to me?! How could she write anything to George on my behalf?!
I caught up with Emily and we almost had a fight. I shouted at her so loudly that people began to look out of the windows
— Why did you do that?
— Didn’t you want to be friends with him?
— Yes, I wanted!
— So, do this!
— But I'm not ready for this! At all! Yes, I like him, but now I'm not prepared to become his girlfriend. Especially in such a way!
— You will never be ready for this, — said Emily. I helped you. And instead of saying "thank you", you’ve got into a tantrum!
— Thank you for making me look like a fool!
After cooling down and expressing everything I thought about this situation to Emily, I burst into tears. She also said that she would fix the situation and explain George from whom this note really was
— Do not even try to do it! You will only make it worse! I'll explain everything to him myself
All the weekend I was thinking about how to explain the situation to George and not to look like a completely hopeless idiot in his eyes. I was choosing words and was even rehearsing our meeting in front of the mirror. You have no idea how scary it was to approach him. I said that I wanted to be his girlfriend. I told him, ‘Let's pretend that this stupid note has never existed and go to the cinema today?’ And George agreed
Later he confessed to me that he also wanted to ask me on a date, but he was afraid that I would refuse him because I didn’t pay attention to him at all. No, of course, it was not OK that she had told George that I liked him. No one has the right to interfere with someone else's relationship, even the best friend. But there is nothing scary or shameful about the fact that you can be the first to show that you like the guy

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