‎headedfornothing lyrics



Pick you the flower you want
It was a friday night
But you messin wit my mood all night
Guess that im just bad at picking right

Can't you see that he dont treat you right
Wishing that i could reach you all the time
I wish that you just werent tied, vermintide
Close my eyes, two goodbyes

I wish that we could walk away
So long been itching to switch lanes
I need a break yea its that phase
Cause every night i see your face in my dream

Youre alone
I hate it when you make that face
Sad to see
I have gone, way too long not a saying a thing to you

But youre gone
Walked away
I wish that i couldve stayed
This one time you walked by me

But one day ill
Tell you all the pain on my mind
On my mind...

Its clear in my head
We were headed to nothing
I’m already dead to you no need to mean something
Alone in my bed
You left me with nothing
The words that you said
I wish they meant something to you
I’m so over it
And I’m so over this
I don’t know what is
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