YSN Flow

"Mistakes Made*"

Lyrics from snippet

Momma don't like how I'm livin'
She hate my decisions, 'cause this ain't the way how I raised
Let down so many who still ain't forgive me
But I can't be mad at mistakes that I made
'Cause I still learnin', I put in work, no way I ain't earnin'
Stay from around, I don't need me a person
See when I flex, they don't see when I'm workin'
Was stuck in that dark, had to open a curtain
Know they so envy and plot on my name
Too many love me, I can't see the grave
Don't got no father, so this for my momma
I never thought I'd be a man at this age
Stuck in the system, P.O. tryna f*ck me
So I just been chillin', can't sit in them chains
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