On Hots Today lyrics



[Intro: CR77 & >SaphronWilson]
Grrah-Grrah Boom
Like, Gang, Gang, Gang (Yozora)
Like, Top 2, and i'm not 2, b*tch (Zi)
Like, Grrah-Grrah Baow
Like, suck my di*k
Suck this-, what?
Suck-, huh, Like
Like what, like what?
Like what?

[Verse 1: CR77]
OY-OGz, when I spin through the hill
See Nesty, aim for his kills, Dougie a b*tch, n*ggas talkin' on bro
On bro, all y'all need this clip
Dougie a b*tch, n*ggas talkin' on Ray
RPT-K, tell a n*gga, get killed, say he spinnin', that sh*t's cap
Cause he know where the O's lay at
Run up on us, i'm quick to attack, Like D-Dot his brother, you know he can't lack
Blockwork a b*tch, n*ggas know he a rat
On bro, i ain't givin' no dap, Citizen-K, put his ass on a app
That's the reason i'm totin' this-
n*ggas be butt, put his ass on the app, that's the reason i'm totin' the-
That's word to my O, i see a opp, put one in his dome
Smokin' on Woo Lotti, got poked up, in p*ss
And i'm off the 12's, yeah, i want them dead, like who?
Sеvside Killer, Gllt, Gllt
Tell a n*gga, еat this di*k, and I'm smokin' on Naz, and I'm smokin' on Rippy
Kay wit' the flock, tryna make him a crip
[Verse 2: SaphronWilson]
Edot Baby, she wanna smoke me
Everything dead, till' a n*gga get beat
Everything dead, cause that n*gga a bum, when I see you again, b*tch, i'm lettin' it rip
Everything dead, cause that n*gga a bum
When I see a lil n*gga, get killed, Everything dead
She wanna smoke on my n*ggas, I bet that n*gga get hit
That n*gga a b*tch, he was talkin' on bro, word to my O, better empty the clip
Everything dead, since you don't perform
On bro, i'ma empty the-
Talkin' on bro, what the freak is you doin'?
n*ggas talkin' on bro, you ain't do nothin', Everything dead, cause that n*gga a bum though
When I see you, just shoot at flocks, like

[Bridge: CR77 & $NOOP Gz]
Grrah, Gllt
Gllt-Gllt, Boom
Gllt-Gllt, Boom
Like, Grrah, Grrah
Like, Like

[Verse 3: $NOOP Gz]
I'ma flock, don't wait
Just spin through the hill, give a freak about a 8
All you do is stay right by the jakes, shootin' they "kid"eos, thinkin' they safe
Look at my opps, duckin' pistol
All my opp n*ggas gettin' my c*ck soft, and you know what i'm droppin' the big four's
Smokin' on Von, but nick got a kick more
Free Flocka, top shotta, They not alright, where the freak is the doc'?
Is he jackin' YGz? bullets rip through ya' Matha, They be callin' out, "Lotti", and hiding
Ask my n*ggas, i'm a stomper, forever top 5 on that roster
If he scream, "OY", i'ma spark em', Stay wit' that nine. call me Tony Papa
And no, i can't play for the sperm
And he don't give a freak, what he did, she wanna f*ck, I'm like, "where's the kid?"
Everything dead, cause kickin' the curb
Ain't no money, and I hate you, for JB, i'ma get a new label
You wanna smoke, then you better save me
When it comes to sex, just do not play me, Grrah
[Outro: CR77 & SaphronWilson]
Gang, gang, gang
Suck my di*k, like
Grrah, Grrah, Grrah, Grrah, Grrah
Gllt-Gllt, Gllt
Rrah, rrah, rrah
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