83 Babies


[Intro: Lil Tony]
We in New York with this one
You know how the f*ck We rockin' man
83 Babies

[Lil Tony]
I'm up in New York ridin' 'round in a double R
Told Mama I made it, high off the cookies I'm faded
Ain't goin' out sad, I run up a bag, I do this sh*t on a daily
I get the sack like Bobby Boucher, I'm smokin' on runts, I like how it taste
She eat up that di*k, she like how it tastes, after you done b*tch get out my face
I fill that boy up with hollows, end up goin' in ashes, cremated
I got them shells like Tacos, aim at his face it penetrate him
I got that cheese like Nachos, I fell in love with them blue faces
Aye we in the streets like potholes, and most of my n*ggas still fightin' cases

[Yung Boss Tevo]
One of my n*ggas just beat a body, if you say you want smoke n*gga be about it
We left that n*gga body in the woods, so I know where n*ggas won't see his body
Put that choppa on his top, make him think about it, put that boy on the news, they gon read about it
Put that bread on his top, they gon creep about it, when it's done, all my n*ggas won't speak about it

[Lil Tony]
Aye we 'bout that smoke, Casper, I send him up, NASA
You know that I'm steppin, I stay with my weapon, that choppa flip that boy backwards
I'm up in New York in a Rolls Royce, remember riding on the data bus
I cut off the plug, go straight to the source, f*ck the opps, I ain't showin' no remorse

[Yung Boss Tevo]
Aye these n*ggas know that I'm lit like a torch, nah these n*ggas know that I'm cut like some shorts
n*gga run up he get smoked like a 'Port, cause the choppa I got that b*tch kick like a horse
Aye you got the pounds? We gon kick in yo door then
Run in yo crib, hit you in the door then
You don't wanna die, n*gga get on the floor then
Now give up the cheese, 'fore I bust like a Trojan
Aye these n*ggas know that my pockets on swollen, every car that I'm in you know that it's stolen
Aye don't even question me on how I stole it, I just put my foot on the gas and I rode it
These n*ggas probably thinkin' n*gga joking, I promised my mama I quit and I broke it
These n*ggas high off the percs, they won't notice, until they see us at they door like a notice

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