"Uno Remix (Original Version)"

[Intro: Ambjaay]
Ayy, let's party, holmes
Invite all the b*tches
Hundreds and fifties, big ol' bitties, ayy?
Uno, dos, no tres, you heard me?
Ayy (Almighty)
Ayy, it cost to live like this, you heard me?

[Chorus: Ambjaay & Lil Pump]
Uno, dos, no tres, she a thot, though
We got b*tches shaking ass in the lot, though (Yeah)
Big chop knock a n*gga out zapatos
Still getting queso like nachos

[Verse 1: Lil Pump]
Uno, dos, tres, thot, though (Ooh)
Se lo meto right en su gato (Brr, ayy)
Bought a Glock 22 from a vato (Huh?)
Se lo meto, nunca lo saco (Brr)
Ooh, puta ven acá
Doblate, que te voy da' por detra', por detra'
Uh, yo soy como Pablo
And I got a redbone b*tch in El Paso (Brr, brr, ayy)
My grandma in the back cookin' tacos
Real hot nachos, lean in my basó
Doin' drive-by's on a Tahoe
Don't f*ck with 12 so you know I blow
Found a real thick b*tch and I borrow (Ooh)
I seen a lil' booty b*tch in cascos (Huh?)
And I got her pretty on the spot tho
f*ck it, I'mma take her in Caso Cerrado (Ooh, ooh)
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