Sunset Jesus (Gavin Idea 2) lyrics



Tryna set myself up for the win
Cause people got a dream that's so much bigger than the town they're in
So give me love, give me love
Give me peace, give me peace of mind

I know that there's an ought to a start and I need a little help with mine
California, don't let me down
Seems so golden
But there's struggle all around
Sunset Jesus, came to me
He once was a waiter
Now, he's a savior
Making money on the street

And he told me, take it easy
You can always go back home
And I listened
And I tipped him
And I kept on down the road

Then your heart weak
And you're broken
And you need to rest your bones

Breathe for a minute
Just for a minute
And you'll be okay
Breathe for a minute
Just for a minute
And tomorrow is another day
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