​​dollar flu lyrics



[Verse 1: xona]
The world turned black and white
Hold control be ready to fight
Paranoia taking over your brain
Are you scared to die this way?
Life won't be the same
Lost all hope to die in vain
Wrong or right, I can't go back
It's life or death in this no man's land

[Chorus: grasior]
But I'm scared
Of who I've become
I'm scared
That I might be like you

[Verse 2: xona]
Who decides where we go down in this road?
Pile up, the rest of what we’ve honed
Nobody could save me
It’s awfully, all on me
But the gas on your hands
A creation of a man
To atomize the land
Build it from the sand
On your hands
On my hands
[Chorus: grasior]
But I’m scared
Of what I’ve become
I’m scared
That I’m like you

[Bridge: grasior]
You got me on the low
And I can’t find a way
To leave a broken plane
You caused in disarray

[Outro: grasior]
They’ll all fall
For the ones near
Me, to bring calm
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