"My Crazy World"

(hook: lil wax)
I can’t cuddle with my dreams
Need me a lil baby who gon' get down on their knees
Beg like baby please
I’m the hottest on the scene
Don’t say i ain’t warn you baby this ain’t what it seems
You’ll know what i mean

(verse 1: bloodbath)
Shawty sweet like buttercream
Ooh she got a cake for goodness sake she the queen
I said what you mean
She said aren't we a team
Yeah, team rocket, blasting off in your dreams
Pull up, pull up, pull up, pull up
Damn, why she all over
On me in the back of the rover
Sip tea tell stories til i know ya
Got three destiny's child
I'm a soldier
For someone who shaking the game
Don't even got any diamonds on chain
Shawty is loving my dreams
I'm loving her ass
What an exchange


(verse 2: lil wax)
I want to cuddle with you
Not gon fuddle with you
Not gon fumble this you
Got me sprung i ain’t
Sayin i ain’t havin lotta fun
I be feelin anxious that’s okay let’s move on
Shawty wanna
Pull up to the crib buss down
Laughin at my jokes imma clown
We could go to work late
It could be ya birthday
I be thinkin you should stick around
Just sayin
Don’t make me
Marvin gaye it
Get these sexy healings then go plaay me
I already said that


(verse 3: lil wax)
I’m just tryin to protect you
I’m like malcom baby i got hella jet fuel
Wrap it up like breaking bad
But baby where’s huel
I can’t forget you
I shouldn't've met you
Allow me take you through my crazy world
Better hang on imma give you a whirl
You better breathe i don't want u to hurl
If you get too high then please say the word
Cause if you do i’ll stop

(outro: bloodbath)
She fallin in love
I'm callin the cops
She meeting my parents
I ask her to stop
Getting ridiculous
Sharing a dinner dish
Eating my fries
I ask her to stop

(lil wax)
Baby girl i hope you don’t feel no way
I don't really wanna cause you no pain
Settin my boundaries around my plate
It’s pretty full that’s what i’m tryna say

(oh sh*t


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