(Intro: Bloodbath)
Yo, Wax
Just got a text, said "Pull up to the crib" (Oh word?)
Party just started and I think it's getting big (Aight)
Yo, people on the roof
sh*t is stupid, you should see
I'm leaving in fifteen (Aight bet, I got it)
Hit me back, we could link (Yuh)

(Verse 1: Lil Wax)
I be forgetting that life is pretty good (I do)
I be at the stu, make my rounds in the hood (I do)
Got a check in my account (Ching)
And I feel like goin out (Yuh)
Let’s go turn this sh*t upside down (Wait no, f*ck, I forgot…)

I just wanna flex, yuh, I’m like a kangaroo (Jack)
Bloodbath on the beat so you know it bangs, it do (Facts)
Drippin' all this sauce
They call me Waxy Pasta (They don't)
Legendary sh*t, I feel like Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver)
Lovin' on myself, you lovin' me too (Me too)
Baby, what’s your number?
Maybe later come through (Pull up)
I been having fun, but it’s time to go (Good-bye)
Bloodbath, how you doin' bro?

(Verse 2: Bloodbath)
I'm smoking on a 20 (Damn)
Sipping on a 40 (Okay)
Yeah, she ask me for a hit
Then she ask me for a sip (What?)
I said "Only for a kiss, girl" (Yeah)
Yeah, only for a kiss (Just one)
Shawty fixing up her lips (Nice)
She moving her hips
I'm losing my mind
She licking her lips
I'm losing my sight
God damn, I think I'm in love
Baby, I just told a lie (Ha)
But you seem really nice (Yeah)
She rollin' all the gints
Sip the Henny on ice (God damn)
Music too loud, I can't hear what you're sayin'
But the Jameo got me spinnin' and your smile is amazin'
Baby, let me get your number we could link up again
I got the Henny with the loud, you could bring some of your friends

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