Black Thought

"Mona Lisa"

Yo, well it was one o' those days, wasn't nothin' to do
An' I was downtown, sittin' wit' my hustlin' crew
Slid up in the corner Deli for [?], to roll a reefer
An' ran into this girl, her name was "Mona..."
Mona Lisa, the most beautiful creature
Don't even know that every other chick is beneath her
Fake stallion, dark skinned, physical feature
Copped her chicken wings, and a slice of pizza
I said, "Ill! [Ew?] You need a healthier meal
Slide wit' me, we can go an fill your belly for real."
She said, "Chill! Honey, relax and unzip your fly
I'm just kiddin'! I had your ass, didn't I?"
It wasn't hard to see, she had some sh*t wit' her
I got in the air [?], and damn near crippled her
She said, "Great Scotts! Are you Tariq?
You walk [?] and talk, like the 'Pimp o' the week',"
I had to laugh at her, 'cause at first it sound funny
Pimpin' wit' The Roots crew, workin' hard for the money
"But, pardon me, Tariq, please, don't even try it
Better call me, 'Riq Geez, and keep it quiet,"
She almost got cut short, y'know, shank [?]
For tryna disrespect Big Man, Willie [?]
He thought, "T-H-O-U-G-H-T,"
But not to be a straight ass n*gga [?], I said, "See, I'm
Sorry, and I know I just flipped
Please, kick it wit' me, while I smoke this spliff,"
She said, " Y'know, maybe, but you seem crazy
Don't try to play me, you better treat me as a lady,"
Wanna hate a grown ass man, and act childish
An' I bet you [?] to acknow-ledge
Over twenty-one, and yes, I got one son
His favou-rite MC, was the late Big Pun,"
Trim, thick, plus physically, fit
"Ya best believe, that this chick, celibate,"
I said, "Celibate? Love, you need to be hugged,"
Tried to segue, [?] wit' that thing on your tongue
"Ya see, it don't matter to me, I break you in
Let me explain, to you just the way 'Riq [?] do it
The 'T' for the way Thought turns 'em out
The 'H' for the way Halfpound o' [?] burn up out
You know 'O's for O's, at the top of my check
And 'U's the way I Use techniques, correct
The 'G' for G's spit,by 'Riq, G's [?]
The 'H-T', flip around, start off my faec-es,"
But then, 'bout then, Questlove came in
He said, 'We got a show to do," and, "Where the f*ck you been?
Come on, you know time is money, we waitin' on a boy
An' he tryna slang number to [?] next door?
n*gga, come along, we got a party to attend
Wit' some ghetto gold diggers, and some more of our friends,"
He got on his cell, and then he waited for the minute
Then the tour bus pulled up, he busted me in it
As we was headin' on our way to perform
I could hear a melody, as Mona sang a song [?]

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