Black Thought

"Black Thought Similes"

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  • Do You Want More?!!!??!
  • Illadelph Halflife
  • Things Fall Apart
  • Phrenology
  • Game Theory
  • Rising Down
  • How I Got Over
  • Wake Up!
  • Undun
  • Streams of Thought Vol. 1
  • Streams of Thought Vol. 2
  • Streams of Thought Vol. 3
  • "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  • "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  • "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
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  1. I lift the party up and y'all get down like a zipper - The Anti-Circle
  2. I grab it and snatch it, inspect it like Gadget - The Anti-Circle
  3. On the actual, I swings like I'm Satchel - Good Music Preclude
  4. sh*t'll split your mind open like a cantaloupe then - Good Music Preclude
  5. Runnin' like a Mex' for the border - Good Music
  6. Into it, it being grits that I gets like a quaker - Grits
  7. In a position to throw lyrics like a shotput - Leonard I-V
  8. Thought can always make you dance/ Like you got the heebie-jeebies or a hotfoot - Leonard I-V
  9. So while I'm sinning you be spinning like a planet - Leonard I-V
  10. Because I drop art like I was Pablo - Leonard I-V
  11. Speaking of O's, I'm hard to sink like a Cheerio - Leonard I-V
  12. Concentrate, it's not be natural as the grass - I'm Out Deah
  13. Slips and I drips like butta - I'm Out Deah
  14. Melting browns drip like wax - I'm Out Deah
  15. As we grow and expand like the afro - Popcorn Revisited
  16. I shout, move about, turn it out like minister - Popcorn Revisited
  17. Mad melanin, chocolate, like a chip that's black man - Popcorn Revisited

Do You Want More?!!!??!

  1. Raised in the cellar with the rhythm like Ella
    - Proceed
  2. I let them play like Donny Hathaway and shake a hand, shake a hand
    - Proceed
  3. Used to smash crash parties like I was disturbed
    - Proceed
  4. And like a nerd I can make you say, "He's superb"
    - Proceed
  5. I move styles like bowels so now you know I'm worth it
    - Proceed
  6. Frightening, like lightning
    - Distortion to Static
  7. That's makin' tracks fatter, revolve around Saturn like rings and brings swings, when I sings with bass
    - Distortion to Static
  8. Then distort up in your face like mace
    - Distortion to Static
  9. Bustin' your dreams like gats with loaded magazines
    - Distortion to Static
  10. I'm on the rap scene, repellin' fellas like a vaccine
    - Distortion to Static
  11. We in effect, Mode like Al B. Sure, for your plea-sure
    - Distortion to Static
  12. Bust it, La Di Da Di, who likes to party,
    Like Slick Rick the Ruler I'm cooler than a ice brick
    - Mellow My Man
  13. Got soul like those afro picks, with the black fist
    - Mellow My Man
  14. And leave a crowd drippin like John the Baptist
    - Mellow My Man
  15. The skits I kick, flows like catfish - Mellow My Man
  16. make Shadrach Offender wanna go like Meshach
    - Mellow My Man
  17. Black Thought the nappy cat a bookworm shoot styles like sperm - Mellow My Man
  18. Cool as Malcolm Little with conch a la perm burn
    - Mellow My Man
  19. The herb sticks like wicks, and flips when I slaps the hand
    - Mellow My Man
  20. And my words stampede like herds in the dusk
    - I Remain Calm
  21. Mysterious vibes like I was the phantom
    - I Remain Calm
  22. That n*gga Thought flows like a river
    - I Remain Calm
  23. I deliver styles like Dominos - I Remain Calm
  24. I whip the cap to the back, I'm laid back like your gramps
    - I Remain Calm
  25. I make n*ggas embarrassed like they spendin' food stamps
    - I Remain Calm
  26. See, I can have you headin' for the border like a refugee from Haiti - I Remain Calm
  27. My rhymes sedate, I lubricate like Aloe Vera
    - I Remain Calm
  28. We blast off like launchers, launchin' off the rockets
    - Datskat
  29. I proceed, as I give ya what ya need,
    Like I'm a medical doctor - Do You Want More?!!!??!
  30. Kid, I'm on point like a gat - Do You Want More?!!!??!
  31. n*gga, take a shot like I'm invincible
    - Do You Want More?!!!??!
  32. When I visit shorties, I hit it, I'm cool as a blizzard, n*gga, what?! - What Goes On Pt. 7
  33. The rhythm just sways and like a sorceress I slays
    - Swept Away
  34. Poundin' on the drums like King Kong - Swept Away
  35. Now, you're all desert 'cause I'mma serve ya like a tray
    - Swept Away
  36. Caramel-complected, body like heaven - Silent Treatment
  37. Like something from out the flicks we been in love ever since - Silent Treatment
    "you're in my life, like love, it ain't no way no one can rise above" - Silent Treatment
  38. I stand 5'7", in command of the party and scam like Uncle Sam - The Lesson, Pt. 1
  39. I bag solo, like a n*gga that boost Polo - The Lesson, Pt. 1

Illadelph Halflife

  1. Slow up Ock, before you get dropped and closed like a caption - Respond/React
  2. Simple as addition and subtraction - Respond/React
  3. That's far from hesitant, corrupt like a President - Respond/React
  4. Hittin MC's like an intoxicant, sent to prevent - Respond/React
  5. Shine like nickel heat that blow your mind when I shoot it - Section
  6. Behead like a samurai that'll command the dynasty until he die - Section
  7. The fifth'll bring it all together like the zipper on a butter leather - Section
  8. I'm crooked like the 'I' on a toxic malt liquor - Section
  9. I put this in your system like lecithin - It Just Don't Stop
  10. I step, like a shadow on the way to hot concrete - It Just Don't Stop
  11. Wild like a son sold for cash - Episodes
  12. I let the frauds keep frontin and roam like a cellular phone - What They Do
  13. And my mental thick they hit my head like brick - What They Do
  14. To put it short "I want it made" like Ed, nuff said - What They Do
  15. My poetry is set like a U.F.O - Concerto of The Desperado
    Stimulate you like the best sensimilla - Concerto of The Desperado
  16. Treat MC's like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah - Concerto of The Desperado
  17. Leavin' these n*ggas open like the box of Pandora - Concerto of The Desperado
  18. That surrounds you like a peninsula to snatch the pennant - Concerto of The Desperado
  19. You fold like Japan's futons and fans - Concerto of The Desperado
  20. While I design a plan to make a rapper step like a pedestrian - Concerto of The Desperado
  21. The Fifth aficionado break you up into parts like vibrato - Concerto of The Desperado
  22. I'm deep like the dark of the night - Concerto of The Desperado
  23. That leave you lost like a tourist inside the chorus - Concerto of The Desperado
  24. I hit you like a steel anvil - U.N.I.Verse At War
  25. I bring hip-hop terror like the Führer - U.N.I.Verse At War
  26. Kid, no compromise (yeah, yeah) I'm thinkin' fast like Rama-Dan - U.N.I.Verse At War
  27. I wear your mind away like Alzheimer - U.N.I.Verse At War
  28. Here comes the hot package through your block like traffic - U.N.I.Verse At War
  29. It's all camouflage like the devil and guns - No Alibi
  30. Step up into my crevice and taste the medicine of the champagne
    King like Evelyn - No Alibi
  31. Known to vanish in the atmosphere, we up there like the stratus - No Alibi
  32. Addicted to her presence like a narcotic - The Hypnotic
  33. The Hypnotic That faded like a dream sequence that persuaded - The Hypnotic
  34. We on point like decimal, Abstract, now! - Ital (The Universal Side)

Things Fall Apart

  1. Cuttin' through, like attorneys at law that's car chasin' - Table of Contents (Parts 1 & 2)
  2. This heavyweight rap sh*t I'm about to lift
    Like, a phyllum lift up it's seed to sunlight - The Next Movement
  3. I plug in the mic, draw like a gunfight - The Next Movement
  4. I'm like a faucet, monopoly's the object - The Next Movement
  5. There ain't no way to cut this tap, you got ta get wet - The Next Movement
  6. You theatrical as a Broadway play, this ain't Rent - The Next Movement
  7. I'm the finalist, shinin like a rugged amethyst - The Next Movement
  8. Like an analyst, to see if you can handle this - The Next Movement
  9. Eyes are crevices, life like a double negative - Step Into The Realm
  10. Two extremes collide like Jekyl and Hyde - Dynamite!
  11. Bent like, a boomerang, tryin to maintain - Without a Doubt
  12. I slap your sound Out the sky like I'm goaltendin, bring your career - Without a Doubt
  13. Your album get split like, a lump sum - Without a Doubt
  14. Yo, I control the stadium like the law long arm - Without a Doubt
  15. I sent a verse in the mail like, a death threat - Without a Doubt
  16. my complex pattern of speech is like sex - Ain't Sayin Nothin' New
  17. like toast in the oven with government cheese bubbling - Double Trouble
  18. We go back to dollar hoagies and Tahitian Treat or like toast in the oven with government cheese bubbling - Double Trouble
  19. Me and Dante like Marvin, The Troublemen travelling - Double Trouble
  20. Globe traveling, throwing your verse like a javelin - 100% Dundee
  21. Down low, scope you off the roof like the fiddler - 100% Dundee
  22. Push pen to paper like Chinua Achebe - 100% Dundee
  23. And MC's is dressed funny like a leprechaun - Adrenaline
  24. I chop rappers up like chicken szechuan - Adrenaline
  25. We hit 'em like the L at 60th and Market - Adrenaline
  26. Split back this like we the therapist - Adrenaline
  27. Sells a squads off like a slave auction - Adrenaline
  28. Now she in my world like hip-hop - You Got Me
  29. I've seen people caught in love like whirlwinds - You Got Me
  30. It's over head like Omniverse screen - Don't See Us
  31. Yo, Okay Computer, Radiohead's knock to the
    Future Shock like Curtis - Don't See Us
  32. I'm barging in like excuse, I beg your pardon - Act Fore... The End?
  33. I hit the block wit hip-hop, it's like oxen stampede wit lyrical heavyweight boxing - Act Fore... The End?
  34. To keep the ladies grindin like a slow jam - Act Fore... The End?
  35. Y'all know the name, I got game like an Evangelist - Act Fore... The End?
  36. I chop joke MC's like choke sandwiches - Act Fore... The End?
  37. My melody like Nat King, and MC's is so un-inter-esting - Act Fore... The End?
  38. I give it to you like pink champelle and ink bing - Act Fore... The End?


  1. I'm like Diddy tryin to sink a slug in Elliots chest - Rock You
  2. Listen, I got you phobic off of this like arachnids - Sacrifice
  3. But if I go to heaven, would y'all know my name, or would it be the same for you like I was Eric Clapton, huh? - Sacrifice
  4. I'm precise with it like Faheim with haircuts - Sacrifice
  5. Transforming the landscape like a sandstorm in the Sahara - Rolling With Heat
  6. You may want to test this product like cane smugglers - Rolling With Heat
  7. Dis disco sh*t popping like Crisco hitting your face - Rolling With Heat
  8. Spit in your face like pistol sh*t - Rolling With Heat
  9. My style, wild like wipple whip - Rolling With Heat
  10. I go back like a pistol grip - Rolling With Heat
  11. I’m a threat like Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms - Rolling With Heat
  12. Willy gank, spit the killer dank dialogue pyro-maniac like Dr. Molotov - Rolling With Heat
  13. I'll f*cking bounty hunt your body like I'm Boba Fett - Rolling With Heat
  14. You barking like I'm a starting to scare you - Rolling With Heat
  15. But speak up like a man n*gga so your body guards can hear you - Rolling With Heat
  16. Me and Shock up in a black Regal no insurance, we like DEA serving warrants - Thought @ Work
  17. Ben Banniker Bay with the Al Morrocan, Black Thought on capitals like the sovereign - Thought @ Work
  18. I'm like Aqua man and Brown Hornet - Thought @ Work
  19. I'm like Imhotep but don't flaunt it - Thought @ Work
  20. n*gga talk like you work for the government - Thought @ Work
  21. My words birthed like Barnes & Noble - Thought @ Work
  22. Kisses like Hershey but lips is sealed - Break You Off
  23. We breaking down like we Road dogs pullin' a heist - Break You Off
  24. You making sounds like the vibe got you reaching your heights - Break You Off
  25. You need a new position, somethin' to get you open like its Eucalyptus got you ready to go for your's - Break You Off
  26. And when I walk the street it's like a pharmacy, they got all type of sh*t anybody could get - Water (The First Movement)
  27. Dumbin, just embracing the dope like it's a woman - Water (The First Movement)
  28. Freaks dancin' in a line like Soul Train - pus*y Galore
  29. And rhymin like its the end of humanity - Rhymes and Ammo
  30. Mother f*ckers jumpin ship like we came to rob at y'all - Rhymes and Ammo
  31. Turn around and tell girls we like family - Rhymes and Ammo

The Tipping Point

  1. Hip-Hop, it's not pop like Kylie Minogue - Star/Pointro
  2. Kamikaze south splash like it shot from a gauge - Don’t Say Nuthin’
  3. Y'all fake n*ggas not setting a trend, we never listen to them
    It's like trying to take a p*ss in the wind - Don’t Say Nuthin’
  4. See me put the system on lock like Camp Hill - Don’t Say Nuthin’
  5. Cut the check, and yo it better be as heavy as anvil - Don’t Say Nuthin’
  6. We fight like barbarians - Guns Are Drawn
  7. That's why we can't shake it or escape the problem
    Its like a game of roulette the barrel revolving - Guns Are Drawn
  8. From the block where the crooked cops killin' like a villain - Stay Cool
  9. I'm like young LL - Web
  10. cuz I'm hard as hell - Web
  11. Makin' n*ggas screw face like Gargamel - Web
  12. Now I'm all out on my own like Patti LaBelle - Web
  13. I'm a big bounty hunter like Boba Fett - Web
  14. And it ring like shots in the projects New Year's Eve - Web
  15. I'm calm collect, sharp like my name Gillette - Web
  16. While I'm eatin' MCs like a carnivore - Web
  17. I'm quick on the draw like Black McGraw - Web
  18. School 'em on stage like I'm doin' a seminar - Web
  19. Talk sharp like a razor blade under the tongue - Web
  20. My twist like a ratchet in an auto shop - Boom!
  21. Is course and kind of hoarse and cut, like I'm throwing a thousand knives - Boom!
  22. I play 'em out like a game of Monopoly - Boom!
  23. Let it speed around the board like an Astro - Boom!
  24. Homonyms, synonyms good like M&Ms - Boom!
  25. My brain like a factory constantly creating - "Boom!"
  26. Poetry full of surprises it's like a game show - "Boom!"
  27. Smug, I got game just like a record executive - "Somebody’s Gotta Do It"
  28. I flip like my name Turner, that's for certain n*gga, Ted Turner, Nat Turner, n*gga Ike Turner - "Somebody’s Gotta Do It"
  29. I'm somethin' like a threat to y'all space cadets - "Duck Down!"
  30. Have your lady lip-synchin' like on Soul Train - "Duck Down!"
  31. That old timer holdin' his revolver set to blow, just like a gladiator at whoever stick his head in the door - "Duck Down!"
  32. They smile and insult you like you shinin' their loafers - "Why (What’s Goin On?)"
  33. Got the writing on the wall so clear that I can taste it, like a kid sniffing glue somewhere trying to escape - "Why (What’s Goin On?)"
  34. I won't backslide cause I'd be a failure to mics, rip tight like it's my genitalia - "In Love With The Mic"

Game Theory

  1. Now I'm the first out the limo like Charlie Mack - "Game Theory"
  2. Night ridin on 'em like my last name Hasselhoff - "Game Theory"
  3. My Man rip drums like He ringin the bells - "Game Theory"
  4. But it's still coming across like the bridge and tunnel vision - "Don’t Feel Right"
  5. Where the dope slangin' keep swangin' like Sonny Liston - "Don’t Feel Right"
  6. Freeze your face like botulinum toxin - "Don’t Feel Right"
  7. And walk around with heat like Charlton Heston, man - "In the Music"
  8. Of course, bro, like crossbow, I bring the force, though - "In the Music"
  9. Leaving a trail like trolley tracks - "Baby"
  10. Money long like the arms on Alonzo Mourning - "Here I Come"
  11. It's elementary like KRS and evidently - "Here I Come"
  12. Hit you like vodka, then screech off in a Mazda - "Here I Come"
  13. Smooth as Bunny Sigler's soundtrack - "Long Time"
  14. With the pen like Willie on top of the hall - "Long Time"
  15. sh*t the ghetto might as well be the Gaza Strip - "Long Time"
  16. Whether sinning or not, my back bending like I'm sendin' salaat - "Clock with No Hands"
  17. Yo, I'm like Malcom out the window with the weapon out - "Clock with No Hands"
  18. My brother back in rehab, just had another relapse
    Within himself, it's been like he's been fighting an inner Jihad - "Clock with No Hands"
  19. My man's back in the jam, he like the back of my hand - "Clock with No Hands"
  20. With tension runnin deep as the ocean - "Atonement"
  21. And then got ghost, like my picture was on a most wanted - "Atonement"

Rising Down

  1. My band about seventy strong just like Fela - "Get Busy"
  2. Ayo, sicko show like Mike Moore - "Get Busy"
  3. slippin' into darkness like war - "Get Busy"
  4. Get benched by the coach, like eggs you're poached - "@15"
  5. Your boy is heavy treed, I'm feeling merry as a Tyler Perry scene - "75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)"
  6. Cold smooth like that dude Sean Connery was playing - "75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)"
  7. When I spit, it's something like a psychology exam - "75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)"
  8. If you stand where I stood, you could probably understand
    How that mic feelin' like a million dollars in my hand - "75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)"
  9. Y'all n*ggas is off the wall like Arsenio Hall - "75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)"
  10. Somebody starvin' like a white girl - "75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)"
  11. My city like a island where you can't find a boat - "Criminal"
  12. I'm like a senior citizen, still living but getting benefits - "Criminal"
  13. You can b*tch, you can dead it, you can take it there like FedEx - "I Will Not Apologize"
  14. I embrace it like I date it but my grandma think I chase it - "I Will Not Apologize"
  15. But even she know I'm coming back like an echo - "I Will Not Apologize"
  16. Kid holding a weapon, walk like a corpse - "Singing Man"
  17. In a war taking heads from men like Charles Taylor - "Singing Man"
  18. Yo, it was a cold night, not cold like the winter
    Just cold like a energy was in the air - "Unwritten"
  19. Who puff garsh Vegas so they gone with the wind like Clark Gable - "Unwritten"
  20. Breathin' like Darth Vader, believin' in dark angel - "Lost Desire"
  21. Ghetto grills like rims, you stop, they still spin - "Lost Desire"
  22. It's chambers revolvin', bustin' like Russian roulette - "Lost Desire"
  23. I hit em like Ethiopia hit up Italy - "The Show (Must Go On)"
  24. The leather gets tougher, we drive like a trucker - "The Show (Must Go On)"
  25. And break it down like it's the walls of Jericho - "The Show (Must Go On)"
  26. Swift as the bullet that killed King and Kennedy - "The Show (Must Go On)"
  27. We getting paper like John Travolta get it - "Rising Up"
  28. We 'bout to dominate the globe like Oprah did it - "Rising Up"

How I Got Over

  1. Walking like the lost boys of Sierra Leone - "Walk Alone"
  2. The trail of tears what they got me like a Cherokee on - "Walk Alone"
  3. For working to the bone like my name Robert Guillaume - "Walk Alone"
  4. Even though they kind of blew me off like a booty call - "Walk Alone"
  5. Forced to face the music like a graduate of Juilliard - "Walk Alone"
  6. And why do haters separate us like we siamese? - "Dear God 2.0"
  7. I'm going through things; headaches, abdominal pain
    Tryna numb it with that Ketel like I'm from the Ukraine - "Radio Daze"
  8. Hit me up at like the government - "Radio Daze"
  9. I f*ck around, do the right thing like Spike now - "Now or Never"
  10. We living in a war zone like Rwanda - "How I Got Over"
  11. Living life in these hard streets, where it's like they lost they mind - "How I Got Over"
  12. Before I rise and shine like a neon sign - "The Day"
  13. And burn the marijuan' like Buju Banton - "The Day"
  14. I need a change of scenery like a montage - "The Day"
  15. These kids bringing me the noise like the Bomb Squad - "The Day"
  16. For getting open off life like a fine wine - "The Day"
  17. Checking my breath, take a view from this high rise
    Feeling like I'm checking out a game from the sideline - "The Day"
  18. A lot of people counting on me kinda like a digit - "Right On"
  19. Y'all know I'ma raise the bar though like Brigitte - "Right On"
  20. I get into your head and spread like a pandemic - "Right On"
  21. I'm well grounded, founded on the same premise
    As any man with a hitlist that's about business - "Right On"
  22. remix, rising up out of the flames like a phoenix - "Doin’ It Again"
  23. Straining to carry the weight of my brain like a genius - "Doin’ It Again"
  24. I blast off, then lay 'em out like a Tempurpedic - "Doin’ It Again"
  25. Tried to tax and fine me like Ronald Isley - "Doin’ It Again"
  26. Doin' it again just like Poitier and Cosby - "Doin’ It Again"
  27. Even though they tried to rob me and sabotage the spot
    Just like 'Pac when they got him in the lobby - "Doin’ It Again"
  28. I'm like Martin Luther King, you like Rodney - "Doin’ It Again"
  29. I'm like Martin Luther King, you like Rodney - "Doin’ It Again"
  30. Even though I'm late night now like, "Here's Johnny" - "Doin’ It Again"
  31. Rock roller, bipolar like Phyllis Hyman - "Doin’ It Again"
  32. And start feeling mixed signals like Morse code - "The Fire"
  33. Burn like a chariot, learn how to carry it - "The Fire"
  34. Feeling torn like they fed me to the lions - "The Fire"
  35. Before my time start to wind down like the Mayans - "The Fire"
  36. I show 'em how I got the grind down like a science - "The Fire"
  37. It sounds like a riot on hush, it's so quiet - "The Fire"
  38. Then move like a wise warrior and not a coward - "The Fire"
  39. Jam Boy sharp as a tack, we all cactus - "Web 20/20"
  40. Get turned to toast like raising your glasses - "Web 20/20"
  41. Often nasty like Monster Mashing - "Web 20/20"
  42. Kings that pull strings like Dorothy Ashby - "Web 20/20"
  43. Jawns keep telling me I'm great like Gatsby - "Web 20/20"
  44. Caught like a felony, you can't slide past me - "Web 20/20"
  45. Straight calling n*ggas out like the umpire - "Web 20/20"
  46. Sugar be where he wanna, no sweat like a sauna - "Hustla"
  47. G, I'm all about the green like tree pines - "Hustla"
  48. See I'm tryna get the scratch like a feline - "Hustla"
  49. Daughter of a hip-hopper, hustla like her grandpoppa - "Hustla"

Wake Up!

  1. The city's like the Audubon Ballroom waiting on Malcolm - "Hard Times"
  2. 'Cause people wanna see my blood flow like fountains
    - "Hard Times"
  3. Then moms started chasin that base, like Willie Mays - "Little Ghetto Boy"


  1. Illegal activity controls my black symphony
    Orchestrated like it happened incidentally - "Sleep"
  2. And my splaying got me praying like a mantis - "Make My"
  3. That soul is in the atmosphere like airplay - "Make My"
  4. Yo, I’m never sleeping like I’m on methamphtamines - "Kool On"
  5. Move like my enemy ten steps ahead of me - "Kool On"
  6. Say my reputation precede me like a pedigree - "Kool On"
  7. In hindsight, gold come in bars like a Klondike - "Kool On"
  8. The minute before the storm hit is what I’m calm like - "Kool On"
  9. Suited and booted for a shooting like it’s prom night - "Kool On"
  10. I’ve got 'em waiting on the news like I’m Cronkite - "Kool On"
  11. It’s suicide, right? Pursuers tried like
    To no avail and a hero's what they died like - "Kool On"
  12. Running 'round town spending time like it’s counterfeit - "The OtherSide"
  13. Everybody catching hay fever like sinuses - "The OtherSide"
  14. Humble head down, low and broke like promises - "The OtherSide"
  15. Soaking and broken in a joke like comics is - "The OtherSide"
  16. Yeah, let 'em know I’m getting cheese like omeletes is - "The OtherSide"
  17. But I’m the toast of the town like Thomas is - "The OtherSide"
  18. It’s a wrap like a mummy, undun, I am becoming - "The OtherSide"
  19. Just his weak mind scrolled out like a bad sign - "The OtherSide"
  20. It reads like a final letter, I’m leaving for my fam - "Stomp"
  21. Then roll tactics like a soldier out in the Sudan - "Stomp"
  22. And look at the graffiti on the rooftops
    Like the same song playing on the jukebox - "I Remember"
  23. What’s keeping me from breaking out like Benadryl - "I Remember"
  24. That consumes its own dreams like I’m a cannibal - "Tip the Scale"
  25. Until then, I’ll be doing dirty jobs like swamp men - "Tip the Scale"

Streams of Thought Vol. 1

  1. Yo, the big wheel keep turnin' like Ike's and Anna Mae's -"Twofifteen"
  2. Casualties, I seen 'em like the French Foreign Legion -"Twofifteen"
  3. We knew all the town hitmen in the likes of Sam Christian -"Twofifteen"
  4. Continuum, still swingin' like a pendulum-"Twofifteen"
  5. Here the women come, sing it like Sarah Vaughan-"Twofifteen"
  6. I'm just paintin' a picture like Kerry James Marshall -"Twofifteen"
  7. I'm just takin' a picture like Carrie Mae Weems
  8. -"Twofifteen"
  9. Any flow I got come at you like "dot coms"-"9th vs. Thought"
  10. This rapper toss gravitas like a cannonball-"9th vs. Thought"
  11. My broad lookin' like she Cinderella at the ball-"9th vs. Thought"
  12. Reborn every January like a Capricorn -"9th vs. Thought"
  13. Torch rappers like I'm igniting the aerosol -"Dostoyevsky"
  14. My pen smoking like a rude boy from Jamaica -"Making a Murderer"
  15. Who packing avocado toast like Mario Batali? -"Making a Murderer"
  16. That equipment I'm grippin kept where the ammunition at
    Soul Makossa like I'm Manu Dibango -"Making a Murderer"

Streams of Thought Vol. 2

  1. With the esteem of a savant, as smart as a genius - "Fentanyl"
  2. Trust me, I'm deadly as the Fentanyl that killed Prince and Tom Petty - "Fentanyl"
  3. He's in the zone and stoned like a sarcophagus - "Fentanyl"
  4. I got more than a reason to revel like Desus and Mero - "Soundtrack to Confusion"
  5. We bare arms like Idris or Venus de Milo - "Soundtrack to Confusion"
  6. Seated at the throne, summonin' the ghosts like a seance - "Soundtrack to Confusion"
  7. We under pressure like a diamond mine - "Soundtrack to Confusion"
  8. And we losin' light like M. Night Shyamalan - "Soundtrack to Confusion"
  9. I was born ringing alarms like Tenor Saw - "History Unfolds"
  10. I'm the father like Aristotle - "History Unfolds"
  11. I'm comin' for the riches you stole like King Leopold - "History Unfolds"
  12. Kings who pull strings like a Stradivarius - "The New Grit"
  13. I never see my reflection, I’m like a vampire - "The New Grit"
  14. His imperial highness is smart as smart appliances - "The New Grit"
  15. My ears burn like desert trails and Jezebels - "Long Liveth"
  16. My killer instinct is like Orchid - "Long Liveth"
  17. I got the game sewn like the tailor of Panama - "Long Liveth"
  18. I'm takin' everything that's left like a southpaw - "Streets"
  19. And watch the word spread like Tuberculosis - "Streets"
  20. I've been in the music scene long as Allen Leeds - "Streets"

Streams of Thought Vol. 3

  1. Life is like a tree to falls in the woods -"Thought vs. Everybody"
  2. Yo, I feel the system failed us like kidneys -"Thought vs. Everybody"
  3. The truth is inconvenient as non-believers -"Thought vs. Everybody"
  4. You can either stay broke or be wealthy as Jeff Bezos -"Thought vs. Everybody"
  5. On my own path, in my own world like Disney's -"Thought vs. Everybody"
  6. Like sheep to the slaughter
    Everybody's caught up tryin' to find
    Something to be a part of -"Nature of the Beast"
  7. In every complexion like ice cream flavors -"Nature of the Beast"
  8. Whole sh*t steady, we close-knit and deadly
    As a heart attack -"Good Morning"

"Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"

  1. I'm not crawlin', I'm a free man like Morgan - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  2. I tell a story like fingerprints and blood splatter - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  3. You in the trap with us, when the lines is as vivid
    As the walls on the graph - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  4. I'm on a higher tier with people gettin' money like the financier - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  5. How much more CB4 can we afford?
    It's like a Shariah Law on "My Cherie Amour" - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  6. I'm international, my passport page is like War and Peace - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  7. Criminal records like record sales - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  8. Makin' heads or tails, we like Henrietta Lacks up in the cells - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  9. I’ve been havin' visions of Nat Turner holdin' his master’s head
    Like Yorick and Horatio in Hamlet - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  10. Smackin' it like a tennis racket, underhanded - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  11. I'm all ears like Obama, I wish he had another four years - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  12. I spoil rappers rotten like my only offspring - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  13. Every time we rock, yo they actin' like it's Mardi Gras - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  14. 'Til the party stop, skirt off like she that Ferrari drop - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  15. Infinite just like Chace is - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"
  16. The beast from the East and I glide like Clyde Drexler - "Black Thought Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #087"

"Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"

  1. It’s feeling hot as the Fourth of July - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  2. But I don’t give a f*ck, so I’m gonna shrug like Atlas - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  3. Black as oblivion - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  4. Black as obsidian - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  5. Black as the sky at midnight ante meridian - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  6. I am black as a portrait with Diddy, 2Pac, and Biggie in - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  7. Then mom started chasing that base like Willie Mays - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  8. Black as the influence on the culture we living in - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  9. Would y’all be disappointed like y’all just got catfished?
    It’s cold blooded - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  10. I should be mining my own, like it’s a gold nugget - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"
  11. In a police state, like your man Michael Winslow - "Harvard’s Innovation Lab Speaker"

"Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"

  1. And just shine like a treasure taken outta the trash - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  2. The fine arts is elegant, dark as heaven-sent - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  3. But dig it, it gets deep like a bass guitar - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  4. The way I surf to the stage on the crest of the wave
    Like a black Pharoah that suckled on a breast of a slave - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  5. If you place me on a page don't mess up the name
    It goes: T-A-R one 'I' like a monocle - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  6. An audio slave like Morelos - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  7. Diaspora's Afro peak like Hank Willis - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  8. Waiting for the big payback like it's a rebait - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  9. Trying to keep intact like the prince of Wales - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  10. My chops is like Canada Lee
    So yours truly for the Oscar - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"
  11. I started smoking weed like a Rasta when we lost Casandra - "Live Intro Performance | 2020 Roots Picnic Virtual Experience"


  1. A marketing plan like having a Coke and a smile
    - "Couldn’t Tell" - Statik Selektah
  2. She placed brick by brick like the China Wall
    - "Couldn’t Tell" - Statik Selektah
  3. They said they never seen another head slump so hard
    Or seen the people breaking out like the mumps so hard
    - "Couldn’t Tell" - Statik Selektah
  4. Gotta climb out of my skin, just like a reptile
    - "Cause I’m Black" - Styles P
  5. I got a mind like Malcolm X, how 'bout yours?
    - "Cause I’m Black" - Styles P
  6. Take, one step forward and do the moonwalk
    Back, give me the Peace Prize like Al Gore's
    - "Cause I’m Black" - Styles P
  7. Livin like Assata, I'm an exile
    - "Cause I’m Black" - Styles P
  8. Makin' plaques outta they head like dead venison
    - "Yah Yah" - Eminem
  9. I break free like Chesimard
    - "Yah Yah" - Eminem
  10. And they cheated, they lie like Amerigo Vespucci
    - "Yah Yah" - Eminem
  11. Live from the Terrordome, loud like a megaphone
    - "Yah Yah" - Eminem
  12. My sound wave lifting your chin up, like uppercuts
    - "Super Lyrical" - Big Pun
  13. The Roots bless you with a strong record, long like a epic - "Super Lyrical" - Big Pun
  14. My talk stomp like elephants upon every elf
    - "Super Lyrical" - Big Pun
  15. The coastline cradle your ivory castle on the edge
    Like a tassle on a fez, listen
    - "Method Man & Black Thought Sway In The Morning Freestyle" - Sway in the Morning
  16. With aerosol, we spray to tattoo the face of the building
    Night after night, transcend color like a chameleon
    - "Method Man & Black Thought Sway In The Morning Freestyle" - Sway in the Morning
  17. I am all day composing classics like Vivaldi
    - "Method Man & Black Thought Sway In The Morning Freestyle" - Sway in the Morning
  18. I'ma leave these n*ggas leaking like I'm Julian Assange
    - "Method Man & Black Thought Sway In The Morning Freestyle" - Sway in the Morning
  19. I'm coming from the southside like the Mexican cartel
    - "Method Man & Black Thought Sway In The Morning Freestyle" - Sway in the Morning
  20. Got bad grammar, but y'all don't quote me, I keep it bama
    Like Thor, and I get lowkey, so keep a hammer
    - "Method Man & Black Thought Sway In The Morning Freestyle" - Sway in the Morning
  21. The likeliness of you surviving this brawl is slim
    It's like scuba diving with no oxygen
    - "Hard Hitters" - Dilated Peoples
  22. Jokers is coming in sideways like a sidefill
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  23. The grapes of wrath intertwined like a vine still
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  24. Probably burn like flaming coals on a hot grill
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  25. Beyond that, my heartbeat is like a drum still
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  26. It's like I'm living on the run with the gun still
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  27. It's all stuck inside your head like it's ear wax
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  28. You hit his whole network, like Mark Zuckerberg
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  29. I'm emphasized like I'm underlined
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  30. Have 'em in the middle of the drama like an interlude
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  31. You best keep a weapon like a shirt tail, tucked in
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  32. Because I'm taking n*ggas out like Huck Finn
    - "RAGE IS BACK [Freestyle]" - J.Period
  33. With high hopes like rubber tree, plants and ants
    - "Extradite" - Freddie Gibbs
  34. Swallow forced beliefs like police justice
    - "Extradite" - Freddie Gibbs
  35. Yo, my memoirs are like the Anarchist's Cookbook
    - "Extradite" - Freddie Gibbs
  36. I'm all over like a shooter with awful aim
    - "Thought Process" - Tony Touch
  37. So gimme dap like the group home of Sharon Jones
    - "Thought Process" - Tony Touch
  38. Body slam the beat like I'm the killer Chris Jericho
    - "Thought Process" - Tony Touch
  39. Yo, a grain of sand in the king's hand
    Could grow into the castle if it spread like a wingspan
    - "Hustle Don’t Give" - Apollo Brown & Ché Noir
  40. A life begins with sin, transcends, but like a lens
    We numb the pain with violins or Vicodins
    - "Hustle Don’t Give" - Apollo Brown & Ché Noir
  41. Faded like pro cats and pigeons on the power line
    - "Hustle Don’t Give" - Apollo Brown & Ché Noir
  42. I'm at the orchestra, focused like Randolph and Mortimer
    - "Roman Candles" - The Alchemist
  43. Talk in broken language like a foreigner
    - "Roman Candles" - The Alchemist
  44. I'm like ghetto Gastro up in the kitchen
    - "Roman Candles" - The Alchemist
  45. I broke the internet like an intermission
    - "Roman Candles" - The Alchemist
  46. Raisin' the bar is like raisin' the partition
    - "Roman Candles" - The Alchemist
  47. Another rapper gon' get rocked like Amadeus
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  48. Defeat'll make a n*gga get ghost like a seance
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  49. I plan to keep a band like Fela
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  50. Until when my career's over like A.I
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  51. Listen, my callin' card ball hard like armadillos
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  52. Rappers too thin to win, like cigarillos
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  53. Shakin' their hair back and forth like Willow
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  54. I had a issue with a hater, now it's kinda squashed
    Like a slug below the soles of the St. Laurents
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  55. My response, a steppin' razor like I'm Father Tosh
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  56. Exotic fabrics on my blazer like the Maharaja
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  57. But I roll with heat like I'm Dwayne Wade, Lebron and Bosh
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  58. I keep the paper stacked in layers like baklavas
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  59. Even though they give us ours free, like the Amistad
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  60. Go right the f*ck up in your mouth like I'm the orthodontist
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  61. I got weapons manufactured in the Soviet
    Now I'm like Future on that "I just won a trophy" sh*t
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  62. At the outlier, and start it up like a hotwire, n*gga
    - "The Imperial" - Statik Selektah
  63. Black is as miraculous as Jesus of Nazareth
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  64. I bear arms like button-downs without the sleeves
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  65. Manic depressive and possessive like apostrophes
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  66. When I vocalize the crowd rise like Lazarus
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  67. Hollerin' cheeba cheeba like I'm Parkside
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  68. I'm dope like crack, what I wrote broke ya back
    - "Da Jawn" - Bahamadia
  69. Livin like Assata, I'm an exile
    - "Cause I’m Black" - Styles P
  70. Gotta climb out of my skin, just like a reptile
    - "Cause I’m Black" - Styles P
  71. I got a mind like Malcolm X, how 'bout yours?
    - "Cause I’m Black" - Styles P
  72. I'm like cyanide, creeping through the air ducts
    - "Wishin’ II" - PRhyme
  73. I was up in Paris like an American werewolf
    - "Wishin’ II" - PRhyme
  74. I'm an American hero verse evil like deerhoof
    - "Wishin’ II" - PRhyme
  75. I bear arms like button-downs without the sleeves
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  76. Manic depressive and possessive like apostrophes
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  77. When I vocalize the crowd rise like Lazarus
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  78. Hollerin' cheeba cheeba like I'm Parkside
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  79. Black is as miraculous as Jesus of Nazareth
    - "Rapid Eye Movement" - Pharoahe Monch
  80. I'm astonishing, honestly my future looking promising
    As my skin tone and a crystal clean onyx is
    - "Bird’s Eye View" - Statik Selektah
  81. I'm a stroke of genius like Mickalene Thomas is
    - "Bird’s Eye View" - Statik Selektah
  82. Darker thoughts let the beats break like a Amish's
    - "Bird’s Eye View" - Statik Selektah
  83. I'm a stroke of genius like Mickalene Thomas is
    - "Bird’s Eye View" - Statik Selektah
  84. Haters still smirking like the gators on an Izod
    - "Bird’s Eye View" - Statik Selektah
  85. You got me chopped like Miley Cyrus
    - "Bird’s Eye View" - Statik Selektah
  86. I'm all over like a shooter with awful aim
    - "Thought Process" - Tony Touch
  87. So gimme dap like the group home of Sharon Jones
    - "Thought Process" - Tony Touch
  88. Body slam the beat like I'm the killer Chris Jericho
    - "Thought Process" - Tony Touch
  89. See me lickin' rhymes, rappin' like I'm firin' rounds
    - "Zen Approach" - DJ Krush
  90. To get you high as a kite is the reason you wanted
    - "Zen Approach" - DJ Krush
  91. It's like, a direct flight from freezin' to burnin' hot sh*t
    - "Zen Approach" - DJ Krush
  92. He'll blow ya mind like bustin' the steel
    - "Zen Approach" - DJ Krush
  93. This sound got the power to heal
    It's like The Green Mile, now I need an hour to chill
    - "Zen Approach" - DJ Krush
  94. Keeping patient, moving like a secret agent
    - "Love Movin’" - J Dilla
  95. I'm raw like the fury I instill in every booth
    - "Love Movin’" - J Dilla
  96. Mic like a ball and chain, a lab calling my name
    - "Love Movin’" - J Dilla

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