Black Panther Beatbox Solo 3 lyrics



This is how I do it, It's Friday night. You will lose this fight, to the king of Wakanda. So I got my ancestors I'm about to turn it up
It's not the first time Deadpool's been burning up
Look at his skin, it's faded
He looks like a block of cheese that's been graded
If you're good, in my hood, tonight
Nobody really wants to be in your side
Even X-Force can't go against my tribe
You gotta get a move on, you know that we don’t play
So pack up your stuff, throw it in the truck, while I hear my people say, being still alive, and it's all because (This is how we do it!)
The Black Panther likes no one because (This is how we do it!)
Forget that Deadpool he's got no flavor (This is how we do it!)
Hе got blacklisted by Mr. Xavier (This is how we do it!)
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