NO TIME lyrics



Doza you did it again!

I don't wanna waste no time (No time)
But I got you on my mind
Don't wanna wake up, I'm feeling so down (So down)
I don't need you around (Oh, oh)
I don't wanna waste my time (My time)
Gotta stay up on my grind
Gotta get to the point, what I'm 'bouta say now (What I'm 'bouta say now)
I don't need you around (Yeah)

I'm tryna be the one to put it in your life (In your life)
But you just wanna sit around and tell me lies (Tell me lies)
I gotta let you know sum, baby, right now
If you ain't f*ckin' with me then you missed out
'Cause as of lately I've been up
Got my haters lookin' mad
They know I'm about to break up out that mothaf*ckin' glass
I got tired of being broke and had to go and get a bag
You left me when I was broke, it had me feeling kinda sad
But that sh*t turned into hunger
This sh*t ain't ever easy when you got it out the gutter
But I took all of my nothin' and I turned it into something
So why they mad and why wanna come and take it from me?
I swear to God I won't let 'em
I swear to God I won't let 'em
I gotta make it home tonight
And it's that simple
b*tch, I'm icy 'cause I had a lot of cold Decembers
I swear to God I won't let 'em
Gotta keep appyin' pressure, I need more medals
I swear to God about to take it to another level
Keep that money on my mind
And some in the dresser (And some in the dresser)
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