Lil Nas X

"Old Town Road 2"

I want a di*k in my mouth all homo n*gga
You got a big di*k? Let me f*ck. All homo n*gga
sh*t it your ass? Let me lick. All homo n*gga
You a thick n*gga? Let me hit. All homo n*gga
Shoutout my LGBTQ n*ggas. Shoutout my homo n*ggas. Shoutout all y'all lesbians. James Charles. I'll c*m in you n*gga. Let's f*ck. All homo. If you is gay, lets f*ck. I luv gay n*ggas. I need a di*k in my mouth n*gga. Shoutout James Charles n*gga. f*cking boys is a f*cking pleasure. Put dem nuts in my mouth my n*gga. Tasty sh*t lil n*gga. If u got a pus*y, f*ck another n*gga. I'm gay
I'll steal your man n*gga. Pop that ass if you a boy. If you a boy bounce that booty like a basketball. I luv di*k lil n*gga I'll fukk u to sleep. I bring that wobble wobble thick di*k sh*t in lil n*gga. Dam boy gimme ur di*k. Let's make dis gay sh*t happen. I wanna f*ck you in the as*h*le. Gay n*ggas only. f*ck god I'm gay and an atheist. I wanna f*ck any n*ggas. I like hairy sh*tty booties. Kyle Lowry and Zion Williamson are my favorite NBA players because they're thick n*ggas. Wait, no. Kelly "jelly booty" Oubre is fine as f*ck periodt lil n*gga. Bend that sh*t over if you a boy. Now make that sh*t clap. I watch gay porn. Stay 2ned 4 old town road 3 n*gga

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