Rae Sremmurd

"Love Me (Remix)"

[Pre-Chorus: Future]
I'm on that good kush and alcohol
I got some down b*tches I can call
I don't know what I would do without y'all
I'ma ball 'til the day I fall

[Chorus: Drake]
Yeah, long as my b*tches love me (yeah, yeah)
I can give a f*ck 'bout no hater
Long as my b*tches love me
I can give a f*ck 'bout no n*ggas
Long as these b*tches love me

[Chorus 2: Lil Osiris]
pus*y, money, weed, codeine
Got your b*tch on me
Lil n*gga suckin my d, nah
Smokin all that fire
All she eat is di*k
I can not get higher, man

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