Yung Kayo


(Wake up, F1lthy)

[Verse 1]
Uh, I am not playing no soccer 'cause I got the tricks in the hat
Baby, not Hannah Montana, I go pay the cash for the jacket, uh, uh
I know you wish you had it, I know you wish you had it, uh, uh
Maison Margiela my fabric, you don't want no static, uh
Baby, my tub so big, look like jacuzzi (Let's go)
I'ma drive the Rover with the new seats (Skrrt-skrrt)
I just lost the b*tch but she can't lose me
Had the Uber driver pick up two freaks (Let's go)
f*ck on a emo, she bite, no mosquito
I get the cash, I don't talk to the cheap ho
I got some green in my bank like I'm CeeLo
I got some Ms in my bank, you can't see those (Yeah)
Ride, me and my gang in the sky
Everything come with a price
Everything come with a prize
I just know what I know
We big slime like Geico
I'm tryna f*ck from the side, ho
Spend a lot of money on my clothes
When the VVs shine make eyes roll
I can't take no time off
I don't even know how to sign out
I'm so high, make the sky fall (Yeah)
Uh (Yeah)
We just shoot the fire, fire, fire
Baby, let me turn your life to sci-fi, yeah (Let's go)
I stack all the ice up on my right arm, yeah
I just got new lenses, now my sight on right (Let's go)
I just want pipe, I don't fight
Diamonds gon' bite at night
We be in the kitchen, add the spice (Whip it up, whip, yeah)
Pull up with the beams, sci-fi (Skrrt-skrrt)
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