Confidential lyrics


Yung Kayo

Lyrics from Snippet

Everything we do is confidential
My stick in the beamer like I'm the villain
Gave her a dose of that penicillin
Gave her a hundred the F&N in
I'm in the Benz had to rush your man
Count cash in the crib like XO, man
Martini scarf might deck your hand
All my b*tches on ecstasy
All these drinks no relationing
Boy, this money keep itching me
I throw mills like Reggie G
We come through like refugees
All black sprints and SUVs
I got b*tches in the MEV
And I'm showing no sympathy
Outside ain't no simp in me
Hundred racks sitting next to me
I didn't come for the bigger tree
In the 50 [?]
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