Luh Kel

"So Sick (Remix) (Snippet)*"

I pull up to your crib everytime I miss you
And I love to hear your voice, sound like an instrumental
Girl, I be doing all these trips but love it when im witchu
And you know when I pull up we settle all our issues
It says [?] so you loving on the way I eat it
Michael Jackson im in it, you love it how I beat it
If I tell you I love you baby I really mean it
And I really miss your body, you know that I need it
You feelin' sick from all that motion
Girl I love it when im in your ocean
Touching on you, I swear you got the potion
Loving on you, I swear you got the potion (yeah)
And girl I love you soakin'
Girl you got me high but I ain't smokin'
Imma give you bout everything you wantin'
Got you up to the sky, got you floating
But you noticed
Yeah, right crowd
Your mother's brother need to pipe down
You with me, baby we alone so its the right sound

You got my eyes open, you the only one I want
And in your own option, cause I've been waiting on you for months (yeah)
You the only one, the only one, the only one I need
You the only one I see
You the only one I need, but you rockin' 223
Baby i've been on my knees

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