Aesop Rock

"Lookout (feat. Kurious & Aesop Rock) [RMX]"

[Verse 1: Homeboy Sandman]
Take 2 thicker than the prison bars I ate through
Scientists about to have a breakthrough
Thank you
See across the way and I just hang loose
Everybody knows that Aphrodite wants to bang Zeus
Mother f*ck my neighbours when I bang tunes
Close some movers for you catch a honeymooners bang zoom [yeah]
And soon
f*ckin crabs and I been a crab rangoon
Absolutely ate up with a fork and spoon
Use to fluctuate between a dork and goon
Currently, I fluctuate between pork and fruit
Never opposites depending what is opportune
Fashionably fitted with a horn to toot
As such a darn since I was born to boot
I ain't even have to ask I'm astute
Shorty wanna grab the wood -I am Groot
No wonder that she into me I'm so cool
When I’m out in Italy - “Vaffancul’ ”
So now they wanna crop me cuz I rock a crown jewel
Diamante grande me as*h*le [?]

[Verse 2: Kurious]
He thinking to himself how he can affect the conversation
Really off of this - is sort of nice good observation
Sword is unacceptable but do the match irrationally
Embrace the faults of others inherent abominations
The separated state is still displaying a lot of patience
Sense of urgencies high they could die and if I'm wasted
Wish y’all dropped the mercy in the blood see I can taste it
Although is all symbolic, is like chronic when it's laced it's
Super like bionic in the dust, she couldn't trace it
Till you're pressed up on a wall and didn’t fall as if you faced it
It's a family gathering, Turkey all basted
You the main course for showing no remorse for hatred
Make a quick assessment
Common sense basic
Nowadays not so common they couldn't see it with Lasics
Like going to Foot Locker and seeing a pair of Asics
Or going up to heaven and seeing a mother f*cking racist
Is probable you can build if your sense of humour’s tasteless
A sign of open mind with thought patterns that spacious
Similar to a taste test
Take that regular chick over to model bimbo with a facelift
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