Nicoteen Ninyo

"​over it"

[Nicoteen Ninyo]
I don't know if I'm okay right now
But I swear I'll be just fine
I'm not sure if life's still counting down
But I'm sure it'll be on time
They tell me it's okay to die
Just don't make it come quick
Well Momma I don't wanna die
But what's wrong with making peace with it?
I don't wanna be too scared to live
But I don't wanna be too dumb to die
If life's a game of gifts and risks
I think I'll take my chances

[Pre-Chorus: Nicoteen Ninyo]
I don't wanna be too scared to live

[Chorus: remghost & Nicoteen Ninyo]
Running out of time
Feel the shoreline coming closer
Back to the design
We made a pact when we were older
Felt that kind of pain
When we were both six months sober
Falling off the edge it's like
The past was never over
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