Nicoteen Ninyo

"​tell ur mom im single in need of rent money/emotional support"


I'm so used to pain I search for it
Like, I don’t think she love me
But I'll make sure of it
Tall cans fill my hands
I can't hold no b*tch
Hold me down? Nah
Just keep me around to f*ck quick

f*ck what they say
Drinking does f*ckin’ help
Too much ice in my veins
Hoes don't wanna stick around
Rock bottom break my fall
Crack my head against the wall
f*ck up
f*ck me
f*ck this
Something ain't right
Swervin' on the wrong side of the road
Face some pills, forget the dose
f*ck yo girl and drop my hoes
I'm too bored to stay on hold
I'm not scared I'm suicidal
Help me get a hold of my life though
f*ck me, help me
This ain't right
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