"Spot The Difference"

[Chorus: YP14]
My district has too much drillers
Like who wants it? Like who wants war with Sydney's realest?
They talk that talk on gats but them boys they ain’t got no triggers
They act like they in trenches but them boys ain't got no diggers
Like spot the difference

[Verse 1: YP14]
OneFour, we're still active, we’re still urching
If I ain't there in the field cuz, then I guarantee I'm working
My crew still in the trap, flippin' packs, dis and dat
Heard there's runners here in my hood
How can they run lad without tax?

And if we're talking scores, hashtag facts
Like who got robbed at Cass? (Who?)
Try coming down on them trains lad
You get sent home on them tracks

J_EMZ took that trip, lad, with a stick (Hoo, hoo)
Jump out gang cuz and we smoked him like a spliff
H-How can I call them opps? (Ayy)
How can I call them opps? (How can I?)
They run off and leave their friends for dead, more like a bunch of dogs
No way I can be like them, I got my bros like Drake & Josh (My brothers)
And all this talk about smoke, how come none of my men been shot?
Not one of my men been got
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