LA LA LA LA lyrics



(The pinky goes up on this one Levy!)

[Verse 1: UNBORN]
Snap his body in three like it’s Lego
Go and kick rocks, yeah, you can do that with your bros
End his whole world, like La-La-La-La
I'ma do it again, like La-La-La-La
Go hit it up, make the function rock
Everybody dancing, I got a blunt in my sock
We don’t like you here, don’t come to my block
If you step too close, I might cut off your c*ck

[Verse 2: LXTHNL]
Ayy, I'ma catch you lackin'
Body swingin', blood retracting
b*tch on my di*k, I'm packin'
She still love me, do not let her back in
b*tch wanna fight everyday cause he crazy
I hate my music but I'm here to make a legacy

[Chorus x2: LXTHNL]
Ayy, if you wanna talk, spit some real sh*t
If you not gon' talk to me then grow a f*cking di*k
Got me so mad, pus*y actin like he own thе place
You a b*tch, grab a switch and I'ma kill you with no trace
[Outro: LXTHNL]
pus*y talkin' sh*t, little b*tch, wakе the f*ck up
Not gonna stream your sh*t cause I got my f*ckin' racks up
I f*cking own this sh*t, could not care if you try to
Got you mad, going crazy, got eyes poppin' out ya' head too
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