Jake John Howard lyrics



It's Based Negative Squad you stupid b*tch

[Verse 1: Acid Souljah]
In the green room at a show, Jake John Howard gave me weed pill
I dress like I'm Jake John Howard off a X pill
My fiend calling me, asking if my X real, b*tch, you know that sh*t's fake
I can peep these rappers wearing Rev's, yeah, I know that sh*t fake
You should kill yourself if you getting drip off pandabuy
And my fit all designer, if I was a children's book, I'd be Fly Guy
If he talking down on BNS
We put a hit on his head that more expensive than Five Guys
My haters take the bus, but we in the foreign cars when wе drive by

[Verse 2: Christ Dillinger]
When I wake up in thе morning, I be getting high
Me and Acid Souljah f*ck your b*tch then nut in her eyes
These n*ggas mad they music ain't selling so they go their story and cry
Right wrist look like Golden Eye, left wrist look like
The teeth from the villain from that James Bond movie about the spy
Told my main b*tch she got to tell me she love me
They put fake faces 'cause they ugly
b*tches always reply, they never dub me
Hoes see me in the club and they want to hug me
I can sell you crack at a low rate, these big nugs, you smoking shake
I get tired of dissing these wack ass rappers
And start talking about RuneScape
I'm in Lumbridge, working on my wood cutting
I'm by the bank cutting down willow trees
I could bot your account for a small fee
Post a drop party, n*ggas following me
On Karam, just caught ten thousand lobster
In real life I'm eating steak and lobster
Weed all different colors like imposters
That might be your b*tch, but she's on my roster
Glock on my side like State Farm, I rap like 2pac without the rape charge
I'm like Biggie Smalls but not fat and ugly
Say what you got to say, you don't got to sub me
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