The Ultimate Destroyer

"Henry Stickmin"

[Verse 1]
Started his whole journey at a bank in the dessert
Has six options to start the heist, all but one hurt
Got in a money bag, guards tossed him in, wow, it worked
Got out, arm up, and triggered the laser alert
Now he's in prison, got a package with a cake
Dig in to find some hidden tools of which to take
Choose a way, whether it's down, to court, or just straight
Get down from the roof and run your stick legs away
Beat the gunfight and ride away in a cop car
Call the lawyer to win the court case, should be a star
Now at a museum, can bust or sneak in, both go far
Looking for the Tunisian diamond, not that hard
Run from the robot, diamond flies to mе, big dub
Knock the guard out with the diamond, unseen through its hub
Fell off thе bridge from the diamond, got all three dubs
Great way to start off the story, let's go Henry club

The stickman who can be the world's biggest hero
Or the world's biggest villain, it is up to you
A rebel to the end, lot's of gadgets to know
Can get superpowers to let him pass-through
Stealing the big unstolen and stolen gems
Went to the big mission and started by a bank
Henry's personality is the biggest gem
Now he's done it all, climbed up to the highest rank
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