Prayers Please (Snippet) lyrics


Rocko Ballin


[Chorus: Rocko Ballin]
Why they saying they lookin' for me, they ain't spin the block for me
'Ooter wit' me'll do it to em', he'll make em' drop for free
Look at how I maneuver wit' it, they like "how you got so flee?"
Every sh*t I go crazy, when do I not OD
But I want to see them blessings that he made for me
Ma I don't want you stressing I need prayers please
Walk with a Smith & Wesson let it spray for T
I made it through depression, y'all some [?] to be

[Verse 1: 26AR]
Heard he walked in the club with his ice on
My word is my bond I'm an icon
Big slimes around me, pythons
I pray to God try to right wrongs
I been made 100 bands
My 'ooter don't got a 'Gram
All my b*tches got a man
I fix that verse that he never ran
Front line every time it was me
Got booked, every time I looked up it was Beans
If you're stepping for Tuss ya need me
She want me to kill but she don't want me spilling the beans
Not after me, she f*cked someone else in the team
So why let her get in between
I am an 'ooter baby, Queezy getting crazy
I look and I'm clearin' the scene
[Verse 2: Rocko Ballin]
I gotta look both ways and I'm grippin' on my tool n*gga
I ain't ever went to school n*gga
But I'm managing a few figures
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