Joe Budden

"Good Bars (Freestyle)"

I'm back, playa
I'm dealing with new money
Figured out how to counterfeit the new 20
Old time friends is starting to move funny
Nah, move from me, the deuce deuce is hungry
The tre pound is starving, find me n*gga
Get it all in your tumor/toomer, Amani n*gga
[?] with a beam, two triggas, one gun
I'll show you what double back means
They tell me the beef's on so do you
Just know that these bullets don't go through you (And)
Cops find that it's either brawl or run (Why?)
Cause it's straight fed time if you get caught wit' one
Got me on the front page of the local paper
I got overseas bread, they workin' wit' local paper
I'm still spending old school paper
It's quite clear that only the locals hate ya
Your man's a informant (So?)
So don't come around me if your cell got a camera on it, prick
I'm in demand so I can't be low
All day in the hood, you make cameos
So when the heat get warm, (What?)
See me in the street with the long
While you drive by beep the horn (Beep Beep)
Don't ask about what's-his-name (Why?)
He'll be found dead, no I.D., they can't figure out what's his name
Don't wanna talk if it ain't bout new bidness
I'm Dr.Phil, I know all about you b*tches!
Prolly got those from his captain but it jammed
Minority Report, ya'll it almost happened!
Now you gotta pay the price for your actions
n*gga ran in the precinct, we almost had him
Now I gotta get that guy
Not a killer but the hood kinda force you to live that life
Either get hit up in jail
Or come home and the cops can play 52 Pick Up with shells
Gun in my pocket, it's sweet
But I'm in the projects cause the 4 building got 'em for cheap
Nah, I don't let that uzi [?]
Dude ain't a Braveheart, he's more like Oochie Wally
I would take the four with the black grip
But it's a body on that like it's under the mattress
Trey, I'm safe, I'm still at peace with it
These chinchilla thugs don't know what beef is (What's)
Beef's when you sleep wit' it, maybe he-
Know a trick that'll get through your ADT
When it's beef, you don't talk too loud
He might hear you
Anytime you drive, gotta stay in the rear view
Chill, you don't wanna answer the bell, fam
Nobody's a stranger, not even the mailman (Annd)
Milk whoever you can for the info (Annd)
And nah dog, don't stand by the window (Annd)
If you forgot how it goes, I'll remind you (Dawg)
Find him and don't let that n*gga find you
I ain't scared to buck at dude
He's a Keith Van Horn n*gga, he was only tough in school, ooh
I advise him to run for protection
I don't wanna ruin my f*cking gun collection, nah
I'm still beefin'
Sorry haters, I'm still bringing cheese in
Yep, I'm still breathin' (And)
Still causin' these rap dudes terror
It's Jumpoff Budden
It's rap's new era
I'm sorry clowns, but I'm the new leader of the new school
My bad, Charlie Brown
Still bringing that cheese in
Still the same, oh what don't kill me now
You know how the phrase go

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