Joe Budden

"Heart of the City (Ransom Diss)"

This my disclaimer. This is not beef. This is far from beef
See. (whistles)
You know it's not beef when a n*gga's whistling
This is just family bullsh*t
So we going to get into this sh*t real quick
I don't want to spend too much time on this sh*t
But real quick - ayy n*gga don't cut me off
Turn back up in the headphones
Real quick, I listened to the sh*t
I heard the little slick sh*t about, you know, you protecting my life and all this sh*t
That sh*t sound good on a record
Sound good on a record
I'll believe it when I'm dead, n*gga

[Verse 1]
First the A-Team break up, now every day I wake up
A n*gga got a problem with Joe
A coward n*gga don't like you 'cause his whole style recycled
And nobody wanna hear that flow
Listen, I mean this is how you know a n*gga looking for glory
Got my phone number, any problems, coulda called me
Heard the Big Brother sh*t, honestly, it bored me
How it go again? Here n*ggas, the real story
I met you and Hitch, had a couple of dope punchlines
Y'all was from the hood, ain't want them to be unsigned
Said I'd intervene, long as n*ggas stayed faithful
And the Envys, Clues, Big Mikes wouldn't play you
They said y'all was garbage, I said y'all was hotness
Did a whole tape with y'all and Nelly Nel dropped it
Got a little buzz gave n*ggas a little fame
Schooled n*ggas to the game, I gave n*ggas they name
No paperwork, stepped to y'all, "what y'all wanna do?"
Was supposed to sign to me, y'all signed to Clue
I'm like "y'all signed to WHO?" you know a n*gga through
The harsh reality of all that is I was used
Then y'all two split. Can't front, I disagreed
I only put y'all together to make history
Feelings to the side we'll do the track together
We still alive dog, let's do it for Stack together
You see, I could care less about your beef with Hitch
I care about our well being, features, hits
So I'll tell you like I told your manager, kid
Just being real hoping you can handle the sh*t
f*ck how your Glock pop off, how your flock not soft
Gettin nowhere fast being a Lox knock off
I'll clear your mental
You signed to a n*gga on radio all week and he barely spin you
Like every bar about some sh*t, he rarely been through
Yeah you a gorilla and you looking for toasters
It's no wonder he ain't getting no bookings for shows
'Cause your fans is like mine dog, looking for growth
I mean always the same sh*t, whole image tainted
Now he wanna chase the south, all on Wayne's di*k
Your fiends is invisible, they never took a hit
How you Duffle Bag Ran and you never took a trip?
Dogs, let's kick it
Kick any freestyle where you rip sh*t, I got you more buzz off my snippet
So keep going with your Jersey City war stories
You'll sell records on Ocean, maybe 440
I'm on my guard 'cause it could get drastic
Your tapes bang like hardwood, they not classics
It's me, I'll always want you to get a million
Same n*gga that told you to start spittin with feeling
You started your switch from your songs about water
Part of the reason now every song's about your daughter
I'm taking it light on you, I didn't wanna torch ya
The nerve of this young boy gettin out of order
Look, it's one king. How I'm under you?
Go check hiphopgame, you'll always be number 2
I'm like "Ran comin at duke? the man got heart though"
f*ck me, worry 'bout Sam Scarfo
Serious Jones, Meedah, Bralick
It's too much history with me ock stop it
Or go keep being a murderer duke
I'm in the meetings, A&R's never heard of the dude
I'm just saying, the sh*t's looking like it's all promo
They put the battery in your back, it's all homo
Your own team know you couldn't see me on your best day
If you was on Diddy's album, still wouldn't press play
The sh*t's childish, y'all abort its slaughter
Never burn a bridge when you gotta cross the water
See if I reach Fab's level and you reach mine
Everyone'll be okay, we'll be fine
But you wanna go and put sh*t all in a rhyme
Build a little buzz, maybe get a little shine
The JC disease, you've been bit by the hate germ
Comin' the wrong way dog, I ain't your tapeworm
The whole hood'll hear sirens for the man
I take the sh*t as you admiring, you a fan
If it's violence understand
I'll drive down Montgomery playing Anthony Hopkins in Silence of The Lamb
Look, instead of wasting energy on some next sh*t
Lock in the studio n*gga and make a record
Do something constructive, start your career
I'll meet you at the top and we can argue there
I'm just sayin

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