Bags lyrics



I got bags under my eyes
Fendi bags with monograms
My happiness is a disguise
U don't kno how bad it’s been
Spread my wings and watch me fly
Say she wanna take my hand
In my dreams i watched you die
I can't get you out my head

Kpin n adderall
Don't wanna go to bed
I know tht ur gone
But there’s so much i should've said
Wanted to say that i love you
Didn't think you'd understand
In my dreams i hear her cry
I can't get you out my head

Talk sh*t but won't pop out
Taking pictures get me cropped out
Dumping blunt guts by the ocean
Acting proud even tho i dropped out
I got 3 bars on my night stand
Imma pop these let me diе out
Keep my face hidden and the blinds closеd
I've been hurting but i never cry loud
N my brother heavy in these streets
U kno i could never run from static
You were never stepping in these cleats
U kno my gangy balling like the magic
If lil bro is looking for a feat
I need that POF b*tch i'm taxing
Pour a 4 of triss jus relaxing
Heard ur music it was tragic
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