Prince Swanny


So when me beat it up
Di gyal a fi bawl out stop
But mi just put she inna backshot

Di gyal say she want a G
Make she take a day in my life
Bring it all up south side
We drink henny when di sun shine
We just do wa we wah let mi tell yuh bout me
Ah real G till mi damn die
Every gyal say dem wah ride
Ah one dan mi nuh move wild
Ah say me nuh move wild

(Verse 1)
Mi get the gyal dem
Then mi f*ck the gyal dem
But me nuh fall in love
Because me don’t know di gyal dem
Plenty woman wah fi breed fi di dan
When mi step inna di dance
Every panty deh wet
Bun a spliff drink a cup den mi wah zess
Say she feel horny
Backshot she get
Baby girl you done know how di ting set
And nuh pus*y cya ramp up with the ztekk
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